Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week 102 - Oh What Songs of the Heart


Elder Roth here reporting on the best week of my mission. It was absolutely, incredibly awesome. On Monday I went up to Tuxtla to sleep in the mission offices. I ate at Burger King in the bus station. When I got to the offices, President George was working, so I got to talk with Sister George for about an hour and a half as she waited for him to finish. Then they invited us to their house for some cookies and milk (the first time in my entire time in Mexico that I´ve had a good cookie.) On Tuesday morning we went up to San Cristóbal, which is so sweet! The drive is super scenic and the weather is perfect. I spoke to the youth in one of the classes. Then we at lunch there with the Temple President. He asked me how long I had been in the mission, to which I responded that I would be visiting him the following week. He then told me that the temple would be closed this week. When President George heard that, he told me to go back to Tuxtla with the Temple President so I could get a session in before I ended my mission. As it turned out though, there was a blockade of the road from San Cris to Tuxtla. So we went the long way around - a drive of almost 4 hours. Which is hardly something to complain about when it gives you the chance to speak one on one with the Temple President for 4 hours. I learned a ton of cool stuff. Then I went to the temple. Then I went to bed. On Wednesday we had our mission counsel. As it turned out, our zone was the most successful - not a bad way to finish a mission. After the meeting was over President George asked me what my plans were after I finished the mission. I told him that I would go to BYU to study.  After that it was back to work. 2 days in Cabeza de Toro (yep, Bull´s Head, Chiapas), a day in Azteca, and my last day here in Arriaga. Tomorrow I go Tuxtla at 2 o'clock. And after that...I really don´t know. 

Dad -

 1.  Describe where you are right now.
      - the same ciber I have used for the last 12 weeks. Unfortunately this time there is a quite strong stench of tobacco. 

2.  Tell us about the EFY thing last week.
           - see above.

3.  What was a memorable event from last week
          - see above ha.

4.  What is something you want to eat, once you get home?
           -anything. Ritas, bbq, Mimi´s, a good sandwich, Mexican food (not a joke - American mex is way better), Chinese, Italian. I would be happy with anything.

5.  What will you do in Mexico this week?
           - I really don´t know. On Tuesday and Wednesday I will be in the mission offices. If I can I think I will go visit Ocozocoautla again. Or San Cristóbal. Or Reforma (my first area), or whatever the Mission President tells me to do.

6.  Are you ready to come home?
            - Yes. I felt it was somewhat bittersweet before. (and in a way it still is) But now it's time to apply what I´ve learned. I am so, so excited to go home haha. I hope that doesn´t sound bad, but it's the truth.

7.  Tell us about your day yesterday. 
            - Well it was pretty normal. Until 7:40 - then the members threw me a going away party. It was cool - I was able to express my testimony of missionary work and my love for them. Plus there was some really good cake.

Andee - I´m looking forward to seeing you again. I may need you to lend me a v neck haha. just kidding. I´m so excited!

Mom - It really hasn´t hit me yet. I feel really normal. But at the same time really excited. That is an excellent scripture. I hope you had a good time at the beach. See you soon!

Stephanie - what a fantastic picture of Roy. haha. See you soon!

Roy - Thanks for emailing me haha. These last 2 years have without a doubt been the best 2.  But I´m looking forward to the next best 2 years. See you on Thursday...I guess. or Friday if you can´t make it to the airport haha. Just kidding, you better be there. I´ll teach you the Mexican way to have an extremely awkward hug. haha