Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 13 - My Life as a Mexican


Thanks for all the mail this week, its always good to hear from you guys.  Sounds like everyone had a pretty killer week!  Thanks for all the prayers for my health.  I'm doing pretty good - don't worry.  The only real problem is that I've spent a bunch of my money on medicine and stuff and now I have to live the rest of the month on 200 pesos worth of food.  ha-ha.

We had a great week.  First of all we baptized hermana Alena which was awesome.  I always enjoy going to baptisms, but its something else when you get to see their life before and after they know the gospel.  And then you get to see all their sins, shame, and regrets washed away and they receive in return the Holy Ghost.  I'm so happy for her! 

Roy and Andee - I'm so jealous to hear that you got a foot of snow!  I would kill for that (on second thought, I'm pretty sure that's against mission rules).  Unfortunately, I must be honest - the bobby pins have not yet played an integral part in the success of my mission.  Don't worry though, there is still plenty of time.  Thanks for the sports update.  It does my heart good to hear about my Cougars :)  I likewise am doing my best Roy and loving it.  Baja.

Dad - So cool that you got to go see F1.  Its on TV here sometimes and I must admit its hard to avert my eyes ha-ha   Those pictures are great!  I bet you two were dying to get into one of those garages.  I have heard of Sergio Lopez - I suppose he should be my favorite ha-ha   I'm also really happy to hear you got to go on vacation and get to go see grandma this week :) have fun!

Mom - Glad you got to see Ty and Ry again - I gotta say I'm looking forward to that.  I can't believe they could scream like me - I don't know whether to be amazed or offended ha-ha    I've seen like 7 crashes since I've been here (not the aftermath - the actual crash).  I even saw the same collectivo hit two cars within 30 seconds ha-ha.

Mikele - Where are you going!? When are you going!? AAAAHHHHHHH!!!

The work is going well. We did indeed have investigators this week, including some new ones that members brought :)  Two stories from this week:
1. Yesterday (Sunday) we ate with a member after church.  Unfortunately our message didn't get to him so he didn't know we were eating with him.  So what did we do?  We hopped in his car (he is one of the few members with a car) and went to a Chinese restaurant to pick up some food.  ha-ha   BTW it was almost my first lunch without eating tortillas but before we finished he heated up some tortillas, so we had some Chinese tacos....And the streak continues!  

2. This one is pretty cool/humbling.  As you know the members here are pretty poor.  But let me tell you they are good people.  In the United States the Elder's quorums begrudgingly help people move; here we build people's houses.  We went to help for a little bit today on a service project, building a house.  Its a Monday morning - the project is from 7AM to 2 PM and its been going on for a few weeks now.  Out of our 100 person ward there were at least 12 Priesthood holders there building this house.  I was pretty humbled to think that in my little ward where some people struggle to find food to eat there would be 12 people on a Monday morning working for 7 hours to build a very poor member a home.  What do I know about sacrifice?

Well that's about all this week.  I love you all a ton, and I really mean that.  I have definitely learned to appreciate the blessings of my family out here, and I love to teach and testify that the gospel blesses families!

Elder Clark Roth

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