Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 11 - I Love You!

¡Hey Oh!

¿Cómo están?  Thanks as always for the emails, I love getting updates.  All is well here in Mexico, I´m loving it.  Right now I´m sitting in some dude's house (which he uses as a internet cafe of sorts), sweating my little heart out, listening to some dubbed TV show that a dude is watching.  Its really a different world here.  Its really fun though.  To respond to your concerns about my health, I´m doing pretty well.  I´ve got a pretty good cough going right now, but I feel fine.  It turns out that I had Dengue.  And it turns out having Dengue is really really miserable.  But I´m fine now, no worries.

The work is going well, we´ve got some really good investigators right now.  Alena is a young woman who was invited to church by her friends and loves it. She has kept every commitment and is really great.  We also have Alberto, who lives here for work while the rest of his family lives up in Northern Mexico.  He´s having a tough time being alone, but he is progressing well.  We have some others who are rocking right along too.  Its frustrating when people flog us or don´t keep commitments, and its really important to not get discouraged.  When its a bit tough I just try to remember the good that I´m doing.  Perhaps not everyone I see will be baptized and endure to the end, but already I´ve taught maybe 150 people how to pray, maybe 60 about the Book of Mormon, and probably another 100 that God has a plan for us.  
I´ll just keep doing my best.

We went to Chiapa de Curso to do a bautismal interview. 
It ended up being a late night, so we slept there. 
This is a picture of me at about 6:45 AM, 
as we are making our way back to our Area. 
Looking rough.

A sweet canyon on our way home from Chiapa de Curso

We have really limited guidance from the Mission President on how to spend our time.  Its pretty much up to us to decide how to spend it all.  We spend a bit of time with less actives and part member families every week.  My basic rule is that I will do whatever I can to strengthen the Reforma ward.  And I think working with members, active or not, is a great way to do that. 

Can I just say that I totally pegged who would be the next Bishop! haha. 
That´s exciting! It must be weird without a calling Dad, maybe you can pick up one of the 74 that Mom has ;) haha

Its really good to hear that the BMW infatuation is still going strong, I´ll trust whatever decision you make.  Have fun speaking at stake conference mom, haha.  I´m sure you´ll kill it!  Now that I can´t really go to the temple anymore, I really miss it.  I´ve listened to The House of the Lord a bunch on my iPod  which only adds to my desire to go haha.  Any word on my fellow Jax Beach missionaries?  I would love an update on Tom, Steven, and Jason.  Also I did send more than 2 letters to Mikele (probably 4 or 5), I don´t know what the deal is there.

My shoes are holding up well, but I´m confident that everything I have will be thoroughly thrashed by the time I come home.  I really wish you could see how dirty everything I wear is by the end of the day, maybe I´ll send a before and after picture of my clothes. 

I hope you enjoyed Halloween, we had a pretty killer Day of the Dead here haha (not really, it was disappointing at best).  

Just an average lesson

Enjoy your Birthday on Sunday Dad!  Just a fun note for the Carly Ray Jepson fans out there.  I heard Call Me Maybe for the first time in Mexico today, and it made my life.  Words cannot explain how much I love that song!  haha. But seriously. 

Well, I guess that's about all this week.

I love you!

Elder Clark Roth

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