Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 10 - Weird Food and Crazy Dudes

¡Buenas Tardes!

All is well in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas.  Elder Reyes and I are enjoying the work and doing our best.  I´m hesitant to say this but I will anyway - I´m sick.  I´m not sure what I have yet, I should get the results from my sketchy lab test in a few hours.  Don´t worry though, I´m doing alright.  No major problems or anything like that. 

a sick me, sitting down at our Bishop's door


This week we received the buenas nuevas que now we don´t knock on doors anymore (I think this is a rule throughout most of Mexico).  Do you know if it changed back in the good ole USA?  Its pretty tough because we got a lot of new investigators and lessons through doing that.  Now we just contact in the street and work with referencias.  There is a minor problem with that though - like I said last week, nobody here knows their address, and the street names aren´t posted, so it´s really hard to follow up on street contacts and even referencias.  We´ll figure it out though, no worries.

Our bishop lleva less time as Bishop than I do as a missionary so we are learning together :)  Our teaching pool isn´t huge but we are working on it, I´m not sure of a number.  We have plenty to keep us busy.  

You are right about our location - our house is a bit lower but our area extends as far up the mountain as the houses do.  The hills can be pretty killer, especially at the end of the day.  Its just my companion and I in our house, nada más. Its still fun though.

looking up at the mountains

BTW The better place to take pictures is up at the top of my area, but since we can´t take pictures when we are out during the day I don´t really have any good ones.  Sorry. I´ll try to keep them interesting though.  

Mom - the Tyler story was hilarious - classic for sure.  I wish I was that quick witted.  Elder Christofferson (I´m going to hell because I don´t know how to spell his name) spoke to us at the MTC about 10 things President Monson would say if he was there.  His first one...he would tell you that he loves you.  Pretty cool huh.

Mikele! - you are such a champion!  I don´t think anyone has ever turned in mission papers that fast!!!  santa vaca haha!  Its really good to hear that you are loving BYU Jew and dominating your classes.  I hate to burst your bubble but I am very not fluent in Spanish - well MTC spanish yes, Mexican spanish not at all.  I´m working at it though and hoping to see some improvement soon.  I´m so excited to hear about your call - I definitely predict Spanish Speaking :)  Thanks so much for your email.  I love you!

at the Tuxtla Gutierrez Temple


This week we had four investigators come to church, which is much more like it.  Unfortunately the girl we were going to baptize next Saturday, Patsy, didn´t come, so we will have to push back her date.  We have a pretty good outlook on baptisms though, hopefully it will pan out.  I´ve really really developed a love for reading the scriptures.  Without those morning hours to study I´m not sure how I would do it. They are absolutely my strength from day to day. 

Fun culture fact: Most common music here - 

1. The kind of stuff you hear in mexican restaurants.
2. "I´m sexy and I know it"
3. The rest of the popular american songs.
4. Mariachi. haha

Could you do me a favor and send me one of Roy´s mission emails (preferably from his 2nd or 3rd week). I´d like to see what he thought. 

Um that's about all I think, thank you so much for your emails!

I love you all!

Elder Clark Roth

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