Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 9 - Buenos Dias from Tuxtla!

I have a billion things tell you, but not too much time. I`m in an area called Reforma in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez. 

Its pretty incredible here, for sure a different world.  In fact I can`t think of a single thing here that is really that similar to the United States.  I would tell you my address but I don`t really know it. The streets here hardly have names and the numbers are completely random.  haha.  Its different than I thought it would be.  Some streets are paved, some aren`t.  Some houses have running water, some don`t.  (I really have used a bucket!)  The food is kinda weird, its good though.  There has only been one thing that I had to clinch my teeth to keep down.  haha.  It is hotter than a certain continent known for its wildlife - not going to lie.  When we return home at night my shirts are totally soaked in sweat - its so gross.  Umm, our house has running water, but the water is not heated. I got used to the cold showers after two days though - I actually enjoy them now.  I really wish you could see it here.  I`m loving it!  Oh one more fun thing.  The collectivos (our form of the public bus) -  basically Crazy Taxi in real life.  They drive completely crazy, make change for the passengers as they drive, honk every .67 seconds, and are either full throttle or full brakes.  I love them!

Spanish is pretty tough, my first day I couldn`t understand anything, but I`m improving.  It can be pretty frustrating but I`m working through it.  I can probably understand about 60% of what people say, and explain myself most of the time.  It will be a big learning curve though.

My companion is named Elder Reyes, he is from Hidalgo, Mexico and can hardly speak a word of English.  He is great!  This is his 3rd time training, and I´m his second gringo.  We are working hard and having fun, I like him a lot.  He also speaks a language called Tzu Tzil (there is no way that is spelled right).  He learned it in the field. So basically he is a boss.

Its great to hear from you all, sounds like life is going well.  Brett, I`m glad to hear about Lihn`s interest in the church, that's fantastic!

Unfortunately, we had a bit of a bummer week. We committed about 10 people to come to church with us, and nobody came. We went by their house, and they weren`t there.  But you just gotta keep working and doing your best.  I`m confident we`ll have good success this week.  It can be pretty tough - I never really believed people when they talked about how hard a mission is - but I do now.  The thing is though that every tough moment is matched by a good one.  I really have felt the power of the Comforter. 

Enjoy the pictures, sorry there aren`t more. 

Me doing laundry the old fashioned way

My bucket

At the house of a member 
(notice the foam I`m sitting on)

Welp, that's about all I have time for. Have a great week!

I love you!
Elder Roth

PS. Roy, when I get back we are for sure doing the Baja 1000 in a baja bug! haha

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