Friday, October 5, 2012

Week 7 - Espeaking Espanish


Life is good as always here in the MTC.  This week was relatively exciting as I got to leave our beautiful three acres to go to the Mexican Consulate in SLC.  I´ve got my visa and travel plans, so I will be going to Mexico on October 15.  Wahoo!   Just so you know, my P-day next week will be on a Saturday so don't freak when you don't get an email from me on Friday :)  Also, we are allowed to call home in the airport, so what do you think of that.  I'm totally fine either way so I will do whatever you prefer.

Sad to hear that Murphy died, but I'm sure its for the better.  Now you can get some new carpet. haha. 

Also, not sure if you've heard but Mikele got proposed to this week by a Turkish man.  Somehow she was able to resist though so it looks like I'm still in luck. :)

 Dad- I laughed out loud as I read the first line of your email. The good ole apple device. I always loved the post-priesthood battle ball game - its good to see the tradition continue.  We watch General Conference in our gymnasium which has the most uncomfortable seats that could possibly be formed in this telestial world. haha. But I'm so excited to watch it in the company of 2500 missionaries.  I am so excited to go to Mexico!  I love the MTC but I'm out here to serve, not just to learn.  So there won't be any tears shed upon my departure date.  I feel relatively ready - I'm really not at all concerned about the language or anything  (not that I'm super confident, I just know I'm doing my best so I'm not going to worry about it.)  Its great to hear that Tom is doing well and loving the mission, he is awesome. To answer your exercise question: yes and no. I haven't put on any weight but that's really more a result of me not eating much.  In gym time I usually either row or play beach volleyball.  It can be a pretty good workout, but during the other 23 hours of the day I'm pretty sedentary.  But all is well.

Congratulations to Amanda!  (Wendy: she closed on the house she bought)  that's super cool - I love Salt Lake so much. I hope everything goes well there. I'm also hoping that the Israel trip works out, I think that would be so cool. With a little luck I might get to go to Jerusalem, Chiapas. Not quite the same but what can you do?  

Here was a pretty cool experience from one of my lessons this week.  Our investigator's name was Cesar and he totally rocks.  He asked us if other people feel the Holy Ghost, and if they do, then how can we know that we are the one true Church of Jesus Christ?   Elder Scott and I did our best to explain the answer but I think all three of us knew it just wasn't cutting it.  Finally I had the thought to take it all to the Book of Mormon, which he had read and felt was the word of God.  I just explained that no other church has this book.  So it is really the test of everything we say.  If it is true, then our message is true and our Church is true.  If it is false, then we are out here for nothing.  In reality that's pretty basic stuff that certainly every missionary should know and be able to teach well, but I know that it was the Spirit that gave me that thought.  So, two things: 1. The Spirit really does give us what we need to say in the very moment we need it, and 2. The Book of Mormon is the only way I know of to gain a witness of the truth of this Church.  Its really a simple test, all we have to do is invite people to take it.  One of my teachers, Hermano Miller said that he never had one person on his mission that had read the Book of Mormon prayerfully, deny that it was the word of God.  Every single one of them knew.
Well I don't have much more time.  I hope everyone that reads this has a great week.  Remember to put the Book of Mormon to the test everyday.

I love you,
Elder Clark Roth

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