Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 16 Shreddin' Waves & Stylin' Babes

Hi there,

It´s Elder Roth.  Well, things are going pretty well here, no complaints.  ¡Big News!  For the first time in a solid 6 weeks I feel confident in saying that I am not sick!  Wahoo!  I´ve been enjoying my Christmas season here (despite the fact that it has failed to snow ha).  I´ve watched Joy to the World like 5 times before I go to bed, and I listen to a ton of Motab Christmas Music haha. Thanks for the emails! 

Dad - My sleeping quarters are pretty nice.  Our house is two stories (don´t imagine a nice house haha) and we sleep upstairs.  My bed is a normal matress, made for a Mexican (translation its about 5 ft 6 inches long) haha, but other than that its pretty standard.  People have a bunch of different jobs, but the majority of them either have some home business (a little store, internet, etc.) or work in construction.  The Elders Quorum is absolutely classic EQ.  Nobody brings the manual except the teacher, the lessons are rowdy, but they´re all good guys who just want to go home and eat haha.  I do my personal study in Spanish (I don´t have any problem understanding it unless its Isaiah haha) - sometimes i´ll look up scriptures in English though, especially if its in the Old Testament. 

This one will get its own paragraph. "How do people respond to the Book of Mormon?"  We get a variety of responses to the Book of Mormon, almost all fairly positive.  It seems to always make sense to the people that God talked to the people in the Americas as well (and why wouldn´t it), and I think it sparks their interest that it is a history of their ancestors.  Whats more interesting is that nobody that has ever read even a paragraph of the Book of Mormon has told me that they don´t think its true.  Not one person.  They don´t all keep their commitments or anything but they can´t deny that its true.

Mom - the title of your email cracked me up! haha I love Elder Lambert!  I also laughed when I read that driving in the snow made you tired despite the fact that you weren´t driving.  Classic haha!  I can say that actually doing stuff is much more fun than talking about doing stuff.  I´m doing my best here - I´m confident that the Lord is pleased with my effort. :) 

Steph - If only Tommy had taught me Spanish before I left!  haha.  I'm glad to hear that Ty and Ry are so awesome!  haha.  Good to hear that Tom is tearing it up as well, and you are showing that Primary who´s boss!  I´m excited to talk with you guys on Christmas :)

I really appreciate the support and encouragement I receive from your emails every week.  For 19 years you have taught and nurtured me in the truth and light and now I get to work with people here, trying to do the same. Everything I teach them is something that you taught me.  You don´t understand the impact you are having on the lives of countless people here in Mexico, most especially me. Thank you.
I love you so much,

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