Monday, December 24, 2012

Week 18 - A Very Merry Mexican Christmas

Hi Family (and potentially friends, but lets be honest, who really reads this),

 I´m just living it up here in TXG.  Today we got to play some sports with the zone in the morning, which was fun.  It was also humbling, as I was reminded that I am one of the worst soccer players on earth.  Despite that I did manage to get a was an own goal, but I´m still counting it haha.  I´m pretty darn excited to talk to you guys tomorrow.  If all goes as planned it will be through Skype and to be honest I have no idea what time it will be.  Anytime after 4, your time.  We will be able to talk between 30 and 40 minutes, then its back to work :) 

Its always fun to read your emails, I really appreciate them.  I´m glad to hear all is well back in the US of A.  You will be happy to hear that things are going well in Mexico as well.  This week I had some new experiences.   I saw a dog get hit by a car for the first time (don´t worry, its ok) and I´m pretty sure the man next to me in the collectivo died on my shoulder haha.  Well not really, but he certainly didn´t appear to have to much time left.  I baptized a young chap named Cristian this week.  He is the one I met the first day of my mission.  That was really cool. Unfortunately the other one that was going to get baptized went on vacation about an hour before his interview.  He´s good though, he came to church this Sunday and still wants to get baptized.  Things are going really, really well.

 I´ll give you a short answer to you Christmas program question, and then we can expound more tomorrow.  We did not have a traditional program and thank goodness for that.  I truly cannot explain to you how tone deaf this country is.  Singing is so terrible! haha.  Well kinda. 

Exciting stuff is happening.  I was wondering when Elder Rodrigues was going home. I´m happy for him. Also I can hardly believe that Tanner is getting married, but congratulations to him.  I wish the people here would just get married! haha.  We could get like 20 baptisms this week, if people would just get married... 

Mikeley! (in Christopher´s voice obviously) - Oh my goodness, you´re endowed!  If you were here right now you would hear me singing, <<Oh Babylon, oh Babylon we bid thee farewell>> haha.  Good Times.  I´m glad you loved your experience at the Jew. (BYU Jerusalem Center)  And I´m super glad you are home for Christmas with the fam.  ¡Disfrútalo! (Enjoy it!)
PS. my dad did indeed send me a picture of you all at the Cheesecake factory. If I wasn´t a missionary I would comment on how beautiful you are, but since I am, I guess I won´t ;)

 Well I guess that's about all I've got. Les quiero mucho! (I love you all very much) 

Elder C. Alan Roth :)

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