Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 30 - Cambios!!! (Changes!!)

Hey Family!
Well I´ve got some exciting news this week!  Tomorrow I´ll be heading down to Tapachula, to a ward called Vista Hermosa (Beautiful View).  I´m totally thrilled!  Just so you know, Tapachula is known to be the hottest place on the face of planet earth and I´ll be spending April and May there, which are the hottest months here.  Bring it on baby!! haha.  This week was so awesome!  Yesterday in church we had 3 confirmations and I got to be the voice of one of them (it was the first time I´ve confirmed a member of the church) and my companion and I got to speak.  It went pretty well I thought, I talked about how to successfully participate as a member missionary, and I told the members how much I love them.  I didn´t know then that I would be leaving the ward, but it felt like a nice farewell.  I´ll really miss this area, I´ll for sure always remember it.  In my 5 months here I´ve learned so much (including a foreign language).  I can´t believe how fast the time has gone!  But I´m ready to meet new people and for new some new challenges down in Tapachula. :)

My first missionary house.
798A Calle Mango, Albania Baja, TXG, Chiapas.
Good times!
Our trash heap
 Thanks for the emails and support, its always an uplifting hour of my week when I get to hear from you all.

This is how happy I am to be a missionary
Mom: I´m glad to hear that you had a great week in the paradise that is Utah. I´m sure grandpa will have more to complain about than ever now that he´s got all this new fangled technology that the young whippersnappers made him buy.  haha, what a nut!  Its good to hear that Mikele is in the MTC living the good life.  I´m so excited for her!  "What Happens When Life Gets One Degree Colder" is for sure a favorite of mine.  In the airport on the way to my mission a group of returning missionaries stopped us and told us that there are miracles everyday in the mission field, you just have to look for them.  Its so true!  I´ve seen hundreds of miracles here and expect that the Lord has worked millions more that I´m totally ignorant of.  In my letter next week I´ll be sure to tell you what to do when life gets 7000 degrees hotter!  haha. I love you.  Have a killer week!

As promised -  my tan line on my arm.
Its even worse than it looks in the picture haha.
RAD: I hope you guys watched the clip where they add the censoring to the over ninethousand thing.  It is soo funny haha.  Its always a pleasure to hear of the haps at BYU.  I look upon that school as heaven on earth!  haha.  Its so cool that you are working in the temple, and don´t worry about messing up Andee.  I wish you could hear some of the ridiculous things I´ve said here. (For example the other day someone asked me if we eat tortillas in the USA and I told them que si pero por lo general solamente comemos tortillas de arena. in English - we usually eat sand tortillas. (arena = sand, harina = flour). It doesn´t sound that bad now, but I felt pretty stupid.  haha its all good though, I try to embrace the fool that I am.  But to answer your question I´d estimate a solid 2500 tortillas so far.  Soon I´ll be over 9000 too. :)
Dad: No question marks!!! haha.  Its cool that you could be a part of some southern worshiping  haha.  I never told you guys about our Stake Christmas program here.  It was a bit dry until the primary kids danced to an incredibly inappropriate song in English (obviously they didn´t know it was bad).  My fellow missionaries just laughed and shook our heads.  Its seriously so funny to be here and know the people.  They are seriously so lovable. haha.  I can´t say that I´ve gained a profound understanding of Mexican music.  It all sounds pretty ridiculous to me haha.  We had the same lesson down here, but unfortunately it turned into a discussion about the sons of perdition.  It reminded me of Roy talking about the dodgy doctrine in Elder´s quorum during his mission. haha.  But its all good.  The church is still true.
I´m ecstatic to hear that Tom is a trainer.  I think about him often and know that he is an incredible missionary.  I have no doubt that he teaches by the Spirit and has a profound impact on all who listen to him.  BTW, could you ask Henry Molina where his parents live in TXG.  I´ll pass the referral on to the elders there.
Well thats about all for this week. Tomorrow I´ll be spending about 7 hours in a bus heading down to Tapachula. Hopefully things go better for me than they went for Tanner haha.  Well, I love you all a ton.  Have a súper semana!
Elder Roth

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  1. Hi Wendy, can you believe the lovebirds are both on missions?? Crazy :) Clark sounds like he is doing great! I send out an email to certain people when I've updated Mikele's blog with her emails--would you like me to add you to the mailing list? Let me know!