Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 28 - Hola!

Well we had a pretty rocking week here in the good ole TXG.  We taught a ton of lessons and we have a bunch of people with baptismal dates.  I´m pretty excited! :) 

So before I forget again, I have to tell you how accurate Nacho Libre is. 
(I´ve been meaning to tell you this for a good 4 months).  
It is seriously ridiculous!    

Everywhere we go there is someone eating a corn on a stick thing - they call them elotes here.

A bunch of people have the sweet 3 wheeled bike thing that Nacho rides,
 unfortunately I haven´t seen any with a motor yet though.
 I remember mom asking how they found people that looked so funny -
 I can tell you they didn´t have to look to hard. haha.
 It seriously makes me laugh everyday to thing about how true that movie is. haha :)
Anyway, I suppose I´ll get on to responding to your emails:
Mom - Have fun in Utah!!!  Thanks in advance for your efforts not to embarrass me haha.  Life is Mexico this week was awesome!  It was actually relatively cool outside, and I was healthy.  What more can you ask for? :)  I´m not sure if the Powells can handle wireless, their heads might explode :) Have fun in the Provo temple, its definitely in my top 4 favorites that I have been to - oh wait...
I love the scripture you used for the training!
(Luke 2:19 But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart)
You´re an A#1SuperWinner!  I love you!
Dad - Hi!  We have been having a ton of success finding new investigators and the work is going better than ever!  Pretty much all of the problems in Mexico are in the North - its pretty safe here.  We aren´t hampered at all by drug or violence problems.  As for when transfers are, I have no idea.  We have a ton of Americans that are waiting on a visa, and no one knows when they´ll get here.  I don´t even think President Cardenas knows when transfers will be.  But we change on Tuesday, our p-day will always be Monday.
We have an hour every day for language study, Americans study Spanish  Spanish speakers study English.  That said there are very few Spanish speakers that make any serious effort to learn English.  But yes, they are encouraged to learn, and we are supposed to help.
 I have seen where the Hispanic culture is a little more into mystical or supernatural things, maybe call it being superstitious. - They are definitely a little stitious! hahah :).  They tend to talk about their dreams a lot and stuff like that.  It doesn´t really effect the work in any serious way.  We just have to explain how the Holy Ghost works.  They are much more open minded than the average American.  That makes it easier to get in the house and teach them, but it also means they get deceived fairly easily.
As for the health issues I´m not sure what happened.  My companion and I were both devastated by the wrath of Montezuma haha.  Obviously we´ll do our best to avoids any reruns (get it?) haha :)
I´m glad to hear my Fellow Jax Beach missionaries are rockin' on!  I didn´t know Bryson was in Alaska!  That's so awesome! 
Mikele - Hey Kel!  You are the best!  They do have irons at the MTC, but now that there is a ton of people there it might be a bit tough to snag one.  If I were you I would hope one of my roommates brings one, and use them ruthlessly haha :) jk, kinda.  I´d be a terrible missionary if I didn´t have any thoughts on the atonement ha.  Um a few quotes I like are: 

¨Even as he tells us to come unto him and be like him, 
he is unfailingly running to help us.¨ 
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

 And pretty much anything he says from his conference talk 
on Easter day 2009: 

Also a big fan of his talk called 

I´m actually pretty impressed with the stained glass. I love you!
Thanks for the letter Carly!  (I still can´t believe you actually read this :)) and thanks to the Jacksonville Beach youth for the package!  It was awesome!
 I love you guys so much!
Elder Clark Roth :)

Pictures :
Good times - well not really at all ha
After a very windy day.
My eyes are closed because our power went out
and I didn´t want to get blinded by the flash.
Best MTC district ever. Love them so much!

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