Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 27 - El Güero con el Suero

Hi there!

This week was...adequate. haha.  After I explain the title of my email you´ll understand why.  As you already know, güero basically means ¨whitey¨.  Suero is a drink kind of like Pedialyte that they give you when you have diarrhea.  So, connecting the dots, it means I spent a good portion of my days on the toilet, expelling all the liquids my body formally possessed. haha.  The good news is that I´m all better now.  Needless to say though, it wasn´t the most pleasant time of my life. 

That said the work is going well. We had a bit of a disappointing Sunday yesterday in terms of investigators who come to church, but its always a pleasure to see that a good portion of the chapel is filled by people I taught and baptized :)  Thanks as always for the letters!  I always love ´em!

So, in response,

Dad- You did a number on those bushes.  And its only fair to remind you that, while Roy and I made a long, concerted effort to destroy them with the basketball, you are the one who backed the M5 halfway through them because you forgot that it didn´t have backup sensors! haha.  You crack me up!  It is seriously sooo hot here.  But I was surprised to see that the locals seem to complain about it more than I do.  I really don´t mind it too much :)  The Google street view is probably a pretty good indicator.  There is no room between the houses, and no space between the street and the front door. There is pretty much no open space and no vegetation, its a bit depressing to be honest. 
Tell me about the growth of your testimony since you have been there.
- My testimony is stronger but it really hasn´t changed that much.  The change has been in my level of conversion.  Elder Bednar explains that "if a testimony is what you know to be true, conversion is being true to what you know".  I can honestly say that every single day I try to live perfectly true to what I know.  And that has certainly brought about a change in me.  As for being in a different country, different language and everything - I have to agree with what Tal Spackman said (who served his mission in Mongolia)  - "people are pretty much the same".  There are lazy ones, hard working ones, and every one in between. 

Did you just pass your 6 month point?  Any traditional tie burnings or anything like that?
- The 6 month mark was passed without any celebrations haha.  But if I was going to burn a tie, it would definitely be that miserable piece of silken rubbish that Mikele sent me haha :)  There were a few transfers because a couple missionaries went home, but the mission wide transfers are coming up in two weeks...i think.  Love you dad!

Andee - Why on earth does Roy want a Pinterest!?  haha! That kid... But anyway, its encouraging to hear that songs can be sung well out of the Spanish hymn book, because here they all turn out pretty terrible haha.  No I haven´t had to undo the button things - I´ve remained trim and tender throughout my mission haha.  Have an Ah numero uno, súper ganador día! (they really do say super here)

Roy -¨I hope you are finding that your mission has a positive first derivative with respect to time. I think you will find that it has a positive second derivative as well. I never really got the intuition enough on third derivatives to make a sensible comment there though... ¨
        haha i love math! I suppose the third derivate might as well be positive as well.  It would mean that the rate at which my mission is increasing in its rate of improvement is increasing...I guess.  Welp anyway, I´m certainly loving the life.  Just in case you didn´t know here are the names of the first six derivatives. 1- velocity, 2- acceleration. 3- jerk, 4- snap, 5- crackle 6- pop. haha well anyway.  Love you bro! keep it /mathbb{R}

Mom - Hi! I´m glad to hear that the Merrells are getting some use in my absence.  I expect a good portion of my wardrobe has been stolen by Roy (it would only be fair after all).  The rainy season here starts in April or May and lasts until about August or September.  I might break out the boots for the rainy months.  I´ll for sure use them if I go to Tapachula, where it rains 6 inches of water in a couple of hours haha.  Umbrellas are used exclusively by the JW´s while they knock doors, so I´ll try to avoid looking like them at all costs haha.  If you wouldn´t mind including some of the awesome granola cereal that comes in the red bag in my package that would be awesome!  I love you!

Mikele - wow so much good news!  It will be awesome when the fearsome 5 plus one is out in the mission field!  Enjoy your last few days as a muggle! haha  The MTC cafeteria is just a less good Cannon Center. The orange juice is relatively fine - no promises though.  Weird stuff happens haha. Those two pictures made my life...thank you  haha. That is the sweetest sweater I have ever seen!  The pop rocks and chocolate is pretty darn solid.  I´m certainly not going to share it with my comp!  haha.  Love you girl!

Well my time has ended on me. (that makes more sense in Spanish ..) anyway, have a great week! 

Shall we not go on in such a great cause!?

Till Monday,


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