Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 24 - Happy Black History Month!!

¿Cómo estáis?
Throwing some old fashioned Spanish at you, vosotros style.  Welp, things are going pretty good here. We had an interview with the president this week, which was pretty good.  Unfortunately he didn't ask me what my favorite movies were, so unlike Roy (who told his Mission President his favorite movies were "The Sting" and "Smokey and the Bandit"I didn't get the opportunity to show my disdain for authority and law in front of my authoritative time haha.  Its also good to hear about your lives back in the land of the free.  I have so many fond memories of my pre-mission life.  I have certainly lived a charmed life.  That said, I am totally thrilled to be here in Mexico and love every week more than the last.
I can´t believe the 49ers made it to the Superbowl.  Yesterday I walked past a house that was watching the game (well, I suppose it was the people in the house, not the house itself, but you know what I mean).  If I hadn't seen that I wouldn't have known it was Superbowl Sunday. (A shout out to Mikele who knows why Superbowl Sunday is especially significant to me :))
 I certainly hope you don't catch leprosy from the armadillos, but if you do just read Leviticus and you're set. PS. the Old Testament might be the funniest thing ever written. The euphemisms are classic, and the people are so ridiculous.  I'm loving it haha.
Welp, I'll go ahead and answer dad's set of questions for the week:
1.  Have you had any good Burritos while in Mexico?
-Believe it or not I have not had a single burrito here.  Pure tacos.  However you'll be pleased to know that your pronunciation of tortilla is spot on.  Also there is a verb here that means to make tacos - taquear. Awesome!

2.  What do the locals do for entertainment?  Watch Soccer?  something else?
- They certainly do watch a lot of soccer and other stuff on TV for that matter.  One of the funnier things about the culture here is that even in the houses without running water and stuff they always have a TV, often a pretty sweet flat-screen.  Anyway, they also play a lot of soccer for fun.  Other than that they don´t really do anything...

3.  Does being an American make it easier to get people to talk to you?
- Yes and no. It certainly attracts all of the drunks (and there are a ton of drunks).  They all try to talk to me in English and I just pretend to understand and keep walking.  haha.  Other than that it doesn't really make a difference.  Although I must say I appreciate the effort they made to understand me back when my Spanish was terrible.  That was nice of them.

4.  How much interaction do you have with Missionaries other than your Companion?
- Not a ton.  We have a district meeting once a week so I get to see the other Elders in my stake for about 2 hours. Other than that, we run into the elders from Las  Águilas sometimes (they share our chapel).  I also go on exchanges about once every transfer cycle.  But I'm really good friends with Elder Northrup from my district, and I got to go on exchanges with him the other week.  It was probably my favorite day of the mission so far. haha. 

5.  Is there any interesting wild life or animals that you see?  Maybe not in the city?
-No, just nasty dogs and annoying cats.  I truly have developed a strong hatred for dogs here haha. They are the worst!
``I did something Friday that would make you chuckle.  Mom and I were driving back from Mandarin building. We were in separate cars because I was coming from work. From Phillips Highway I started pacing her. She was in the M5 and I was in the X5. So I drove next to her all the way to the bottom of the Palm Valley bridge where I had to move over. When I got home she was so mad at me she could barely talk. I thought you would appreciate that.´´ 
-hahahahahaha so funny.
Roy that sounds like a pretty sweet deal. I hope you're enjoying your classes and wrecking them as always.  Rock on!
Mom - That class sounds like its going to rock.  And by the way thanks for all the seminary and institute classes you have taught me.  I have a ton of fond memories from those days and know that they made me a better missionary.  All my stuff is holding up pretty well (although my backpack smells so bad from all my back sweat. (you know - my nickname in high school  was back sweat).  I'll probably wash it today.  My Eccos are the best, pretty much like new, I think they'll go the distance.  I really don't need anything.
In my individual study I study the Book of Mormon 20 minutes, (right now I am in Helemán 11), the missionary lessons for 20 minutes, and other stuff in Preach My Gospel for 20 minutes.   I also read a ton whenever I have time, like if I am ready before 8, before I go to bed, on p-day, and Sunday morning when we have our time to workout. I've finished Our Search for Happiness, and Our Heritage.  I've also read a good portion of the conference edition of the Liahona, up to Joshua in the Old Testament in English, up to John in the New Testament in Spanish, and some other good stuff.  I seriously love reading the scriptures so much! (though to be honest I miss the days of listening to BYU devotionals - oh well, I'll have them back sooner than I want).
Well, I love you all a ton!  Have a great week!
Your favorite,
PS. I have the worst missionary tan ever!  I might send you a picture next week haha.

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