Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 56 - God Bless America

Dearest Family,

How´s life?  Mine is good.  Today I played some soccer with my companion and the elders from my old ward, Vista Hermosa.  It was really fun, but my foot hurts a bit.  I wasn´t as bad as I thought I would be, but I´m still pretty bad... OK, lets be honest, I was an embarrassment to the Roth name.  I´m really loving my mission.  Everyday.  I hope you all are enjoying everyday as well - it's the best way to live. 

This week has been really rewarding.  On Wednesday we were informed of a change in the mission; in order to be baptized all investigators have to attend at least 5 sacrament meetings (instead of 2).  That change gives us a bit more time to teach the lessons and this week we taught some really good ones.  I have no doubt that I teach the truth. 

Dad - Wow 3 emails in one week! You´ve outdone yourself.  I´ll be sure to take good care of my grinders haha.  The trip to Izapa was pretty cool.  We saw the stone which supposedly has Lehi´s dream on it.  I wasn´t too convinced, but it was cool anyway.  Afterward I played a bit of soccer, ate a bit of pizza, and hitchhiked my sunburnt hindparts back to Central ha. September is proving to be the wettest month so far - but that means its a bit less hot so I´m happy.  :)  Poor Tim Tebow - I was rooting for him.  I´m super excited for General Conference, even though its not as good in Spanish ha. 

1.  What is something you have used your multi-tool for lately?
 - I´ve used the multitool to punch holes in a piece of paper, cut a little piece of plastic off a button thing, and it has served as a nice decoration on my desk. 

2.  What do your feet look like?  Anything growing on them?
 - My feet look pretty normal ha.  They are super white though and the right one is a bit scuffed up.  Nothing too gross. 

3.  What is a scripture that you helped you this week?
 - This week I´ve read Mosiah 28 - Alma 7.  I really liked it all.  After I read Alma 5 I thought about all of those questions that Alma asks.  That really helped me evaluate how I can improve.  It sobering to think about the 2nd coming and judgement in the light that Alma describes it.

4.  We ate at Five Guys Saturday and I thought of you, when did you eat your last Hamburger?
 - As a matter of fact I ate a hamburger about an hour ago.  ha.  The ward had an activity and they made some hamburgers and were kind enough to hook me up. 

5.  Tell us about a Hymn you thought of this week?
 - I´m a big fan of Lead Kindly Light.  haha  And this week we sang Carry On in sacrament.  Total trainwreck.  haha.  Apparently no one knew it...Oh, also I heard Cielito Lindo for the first time.  It's Mexico´s unofficial national anthem haha.  Listen to it!

Love you dad!

Mom - Sounds like a pretty intense weekend.  I really wish I had a bike, it would be fun.  Although riding it though downtown would probably be lethal. The 3 cars eh.  M3, M5, X5?  I hope Otto ended up in good hands.  Don´t worry about my clothing (by the way my shirts are yellow not grey haha).  I´m fine with the clothes I have.  My socks are doing fine and my shoes are surviving.  (the Eccos have impressed me, they are practically like new.)  The tough actin Tinactin would be much appreciated.  I can´t really think of anything else that I need.  A hand written letter would be nice!  Love you mom!

Andee-Dawn - Life is b-e-a-u-tiful!  I am so proud to hear that you are hyper-mileing.  It does my heart good.  (I´m sure my mom can hear me yelling ´´SHIFT´´ in her head as she reads this).  Hope things are going well in school.  Have a good 'un.  haha :)

Roy - Did you drive the much coveted BYU mint green minivan again?  ha. Stanford huh.  I can dig it.  I´m rooting for MIT though haha.  I was thinking about The Narrows for some reason the other day.  haha. Oh yeah, it's because walking it the street is similar to walking in The Narrows (or the shallows as Dad calls it ha :))  I had forgotten about ´´Up the rapide!!¨´ hahaha.  Good time.  Love you bro. 

Steph - Alma 26 is the bestest.  :)  How are TY and RY?  I miss those little guys.  Thanks for remembering me :)  Have a super fantastic week.

Well, my Spanish keeps getting better, my English keeps getting worse, and the mission keeps getting better.  I love you.  Bye!

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