Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 54 - Every Day I'm Shufflin'


First things first.  I`m staying in barrio central.  I`m going to be the ol man in the zone, but that's cool.  I really like this area, but I`m going to have to buy some rain boots.  The streets fill up with water and I`m tired of walking around with wet feet 10 hours a day. 

This week was a bit rough, but all is well.  I´m pretty good at not getting discouraged.  I just love to work.  My companion is staying here too, so we´ll have a bit more time to strengthen the ward. 

Thanks for all your emails.  It's always lovely to open up the inbox and see your names.  I love you all. 

Andee - I`m glad to hear that you survived the long board trip.  I`m sure Roy will hurt himself before too long ha.  Holy cow! 17.5 credits!  That´s nuts.  I hope it goes well for you.  Pretty cool that you got to help a Danish lady in the temple.  I´ve become obsessed with languages.  They interest me so much.  I totally want to learn German, but the length of those words scares me haha.  MULAN!! ha.  You know I love me a good Disney movie.  :)  Have a great first week at school and catch the spirit!

Roy - I hope the GRE went well.  I prayed for you.  That schedule seems pretty bomb.  (I feel like that would be a cool thing to say in 1990).  Hopefully one of those math classes is taught by Dr Grant, or the one whose name escapes me.  haha. I love the BYU math faculty.  DAUD!  Dr. Daud is his name. haha.  I think I`d go for tennis, but it's a bit of a Roth family tradition to take bowling ha.  Have a good week.  Love you bro. 

Mom - Rise and shout the cougars are in your backyard.  ha. That's pretty sweet, if you get lucky maybe you`ll see a showdown between a bobcat and a gator.  The creation is an interesting subject.  In Preach My Gospel there is a very short section on the creation.  I´ve always brushed over it in our teaching.  But the other day I decided to study it a bit more fully.  After my analysis I didn´t really learn anything... ha.  Sorry I don´t have any grand thoughts on that.  I hope Institute is going well.  I love you mom!

Dad - 
 1.  Do they celebrate Labor Day in Mexico? 
        - No. Yes. Kinda. May 1st is their labor day.  But they just get a bunch of people to stand in the middle of the street and complain that they don´t make enough money.  It's not the best holiday. 

2.  What is the result of transfers?  Staying or Moving?
       - Staying. As a matter of fact our entire district is staying. 

3.  Do you want to know what happened to the Cougars in Virginia?

4.  I did not see the game, but they ended up on the wrong side of a 38-35 score.
       - That's not a question.  Who is the quarterback this year? 

5.  How are your clothes holding out at the 1 year mark?
       - haha. They don´t look too bad, but they´re pretty bad.  My white shirts are becoming yellow.  I started with 2 grey slacks, 1 pair of navy slacks, and 2 black slacks.  I now have 2 grey slacks and 3 navy slacks.  And my brown shoes have been garbage candidates for the last 8 months, but I keep wearing them haha. 

6.  Can you hold a conversation in Spanish on most any subject, or do you know mostly Church/Missionary stuff only?
      - I´m a lot more capable if we are talking about church stuff but I´m not completely incompetent in other subjects.  In the MTC a guy talked to us that served his mission in Taiwan.  The NFL network asked him to announce the Superbowl in Mandarin, and he realized that he only had a missionary vocabulary.  So he testified that Tom Brady threw true passes.  haha. Thats pretty much how I feel about my Spanish. 

7.  Tell us what you did last Thursday.
      - Thursday is always my least favorite day because we have weekly planning.  It's boring and somewhat discouraging because all you do for 2 or 3 hours is think about what's wrong with your area.  Then we go out to work. This last Thursday was pretty rough.  I think we only taught 2 lessons.  We were walking around all day.  But that's how it goes sometimes. 

Well the time is far spent.  I hope you have great weeks. 

Elder Roth

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