Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 53 - :)


I can´t believe its already Monday again.  The weeks just fly by.  This week was really good.  Not too long ago we baptized 2 girls and this week they went to seminary every day and wanted us to go to their house and teach them how to give away a Book of Mormon.  I´m thrilled by their sincere desire to follow Christ!  I love being a missionary. 

In other news, we had a ward conference this week, which was totally awesome.  The stake presidency came in and totally dominated our members. (In spanish the verb is planchar- to iron; I feel like there is a certain way to say that in English but I can´t think of it).  I really loved it.  Hopefully our members will rise up.

Dad - I´m glad to hear that the Braves are doing well.  ha.  It's hard to believe school has already started.  Who are the seniors this year in the ward?  Holy Cow, BYU is going big with their schedule.  They play Notre Dame and Florida State too, right?  I´m looking forward to not missing another football season after this one.  We have a transfers next week, you´re right on.  I´m predicting that I´m leaving, but who knows.  I´ve been in Tapachula for a little over 5 months.  I think that I´ll go to Oaxaca!  haha.  I´ll be sure to tell you what happens.  Thanks for the emails.  I love you dad.

Mom - I miss seminary.  I´d really like to take Old Testament again.  But this year is Book of Mormon, right?  Haha I love that you are on a first name basis with the service department at Tom Bush.  Its totally classic.  Which reminds me - how's the M3?  Sometimes I miss Otto - but he would never survive on the streets here.  They are so terrible.  I´m hoping Roy goes to school in the Northeast so I can go visit him and see the church sites when I go back.  I hope you guys get to go and see!  I love you Mom!

Steph - Its good to hear that Tyler and Ryan are still being awesome.  I miss those little guys.  I gotta say I´m pretty jealous of Tom´s trip.  I really want to visit Germany and Spain.  I laughed out loud when I thought of Tommy´s veintitres!  haha, so funny.  Your Neal A Maxwell quote reminded me of something I read in an Ensign not too long ago.  A woman talked about her Temple cleaning assignment, and was complaining that she was just there to clean things that aren´t dirty.  Then the janitor explained to the group that they weren´t there to clean things that don´t need cleaning, they were there to keep the Lord´s house from ever getting dirty.  She went on to explain that your life can be cleaned, but its so much better to keep it from ever getting dirty.  It was pretty cool.  Love you Steph!

Mikele - HEY KEL! It's so cool thaty we are both missionaries! and we speak Spanish! and we´re loving it!  I wrote you a letter last week and I´ll send it pretty soon.  I´m also going to send Mike a letter (I just got one that he sent to me in January! ha)  Hopefully it will get there before the second coming.  I´m totally down to go to Mexico with you someday, as long as that day is in December or January.  I don´t know how I have survived this heat so long. 

Well, I´ve got a few more minutes.  I hardly know what to do with out a list of questions from Dad.  But here are some fun facts for ya:

- My current area is 10 blocks by 10 blocks, one of the smallest in the mission. - - My previous area was probably one of the largest in the mission - we never actually found out where the boundaries were, but we were confident that we would never reach them.
- My trainer goes home next week. 
- When it rains really hard the water level in the streets goes up to my knees
- I only know of 2 other BYU students in the mission
- I estimate that I´ve spent about 7000 pesos in the combi so far on my mission
- I´m out of facts and time.

I Love you!  Till next week,

Elder Roth

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