Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 3

My life is rocking as always.  This week has seemed to go by super fast but that's ok.  I don't have a whole bunch of variety in my schedule, I pretty much do the same thing everyday.  In case you are wondering here's a typical day here in the good ole CCM.
6:30   - Wake up
7:10   - Breakfast
7:45   - Class
10:45 - Personal Study
11:45 - Lunch
12:30 - TALL (Basically doing spanish practice on this computer program)
1:30   - Additional Study
2:15   - Language Study
3:25   - Gym
4:15   - Shower
4:45   - Dinner
5:30   - Classroom
8:30   - Additional Syudy
9:00   - Planning
9:30   - Go back to the room
10:30 - Bed
This week we watched a movie called "Labor of Love" - basically imagine a seminary video about missionary work...just a bit more corny.  We also had a devotional given by Elder Kopischke of the 70.  He talked about repentance and it was really good.  He talked about how our investigators are more likely to stay active if they have a real repentence experience.  He said a bunch of stuff that is helping me learn to be a more effective teacher.
We had our first lesson in the TRC this week.  Most of my lessons I teach to my teachers, but in the TRC we teach regular people from Provo.  Its pretty cool.  We walk in there knowing nothing about them, (they could be a member or not, ect.) and then give them a 20 or 40 minute lesson in Spanish.  We taught a girl named Charity this week (or as we called her Caridad haha).  It was by far my favorite lesson that I have taught thus far.  Good Stuff.
My teachers are excellent.  We have three which is a little weird, most districts have two, but I love them all.  Every lesson just seems to be better than the last one.  Plus, they are super funny.  I look forward to being able to speak spanglish as well as they do.  So this is from a little while ago but its still funny.  We were practicing door approaches and messing around a little bit and butchering some Spanish.  My companion and I tried this one..."¡Hola! Somos gringos.  Podemos entrar y compatir un mensaje acerca de Jesucristo con usted?" Shockingly it was unsuccessful. :)  (Note from Wendy: here's the translation:  Hello! We gringos. We can come in and share a message about Jesus Christ with you?)
We also had a little workshop about knowledge and understanding.  In it we watched a video of an Elder Bednar talk in which he said "Understanding is when knowledge in your head moves to your heart".  That really hit me and I can see how that is happening to me.  I came here with a pretty sound understanding of the doctrines of the gospel, and I had a testimony of them too.  But now I feel so much more strongly about them, and I know I can stand in front of anyone in the world and tell them that I know the message I teach is true and that they can know it too.
So hopefully next week I'll have some pictures for you.  I was going to send them this week but turns out I brought the wrong cord to connect my camera to the usb...oops.  I'll figure it out though, don't worry.
The language learning is going really well, it's still really hard but I'm doing alright.  I can understand everything people say I just can't speak that quickly.  But needless to say I'm 1000X better than I ever was in high school.  (Hard to believe, I know. I takes skill to get a 1 on the AP test).  Sadly though I still can't roll my R's.  I'm working on it though.  I pretty much just walk from building to building looking like a fool trying to do it.  It's good fun and it keeps me humble too.

Welp, I'm out of time. Iove you!
Elder Clarkie Malarkie Roth

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