Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 4

Sorry my email this week is a bit late. I was getting a haircut during the time I normally send my email. The MTC just keeps on coming.  Its fun, but pretty monotonous as well.  Some of the Elders refer to it as the Lord's prison which I think is pretty accurate.  I imagine that Spirit prison will be pretty similar - you spend all day learning about the gospel, you just have to wait until the day comes that you can leave, and there is a bit of weeping a wailing and nashing of teeth. :)  Its really not that bad - but I won't be at all upset when Oct. 15 comes around.
Life in full time missionary mode is suprisingly natural. Its a lot of hard work but I don't really feel like its at all strange that I spend my days the way I do.  We go to the temple every P-day at 6:30 AM. So thats super great, but we do have to give up a bit of sleep. As they say in Spanish though it's Vale la pena. (translation: was not for nothing)

 It's always good to hear some Mikele news, I've sent her a few letters but I'm not sure if she has got them - I'm sure it takes a long time to get there. 

Thanks for the update on Otto as well. Its good to know that the old chap is still kickin'! (Otto is Clark's car)
 I am beyond excited to go to Tuxtla. One of the guys that works in the gym went there on his mission.  He told me about how awesome it is which just makes the wait all the more painful.  It's ok though, I'm glad I get some extra time here to learn more about teaching and spanish.  It's fun stuff. Good to hear about Steven -  I'm sure he is loving Brazil. I kinda want to learn Portugues but we will see how I feel in 2 years. I don't really think any of the mission rules are hard to follow, its pretty easy stuff. Actually there is one that isn't hard but its a major bummer in the MTC. We aren't allowed to listen to music here - none. It kills. I play piano for our branch about once every other week - i'm playing this Sunday. Our meetings are a little weird. We have Priesthood at 10:00, a district meeting (which I guess counts for Sunday School) at 12:00 (I got to teach that last week, it was really fun.) and then we have Sacrament at 1:45. Sacrament is bilingual - we do the announcements in English, sacrament blessing in Spanish, then two talks by missionaries in Spanish, then a talk by a member of the branch presidency in English. There aren't very many callings - and its a little different than a normal ward. We aren't sustained, just announced. The only callings I know of are Zone Leader, District leader, and music chairman. I am our district president.
Roy and Andee - sorry I never respond to you. Thanks for the letters every week. Root hard for BYU tonight! And a special shoutout to my home sister Andee- Dizzawn!
Um everything is going well. I never feel like I'm getting better at Spanish but when I look back I can see some improvement. I really love teaching the gospel and just talking to people. I'm having tons of fun.
So here is a short little scriptual thought for you. I don't have my scriptures with me right now (What kind of missionary am I!?) so forgive if I give the wrong reference of something. But anyway - In 3 Nephi 11 after Jesus Christ teaches his gospel to the people ( which is of course: Faith, Repentance [or one of my favorite Spanish words, arrepentimiento], Baptism, Receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end) He says "and if ye shall do these things then are ye built upon my rock. And in Heleman 5:12 He talks about how those built on his rock will be preserved through all the wiles and snares of the devil. Pretty simple huh.
Well I'm out of time. I love you!
Elder Clark Roth :)

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