Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 20 - Its a Party in the EUM

Life is wonderful.  We got our transfer calls this morning and Elder Martínez and I will be staying here in Reforma at least another 9 weeks (we have an extra 3 weeks this transfer, don´t know why...).  I´m pretty excited to stay here, things are going so well.  Luis got baptized this week, which totally rocked.  We also set a few more bautismal (his Spanish is showing!) dates with some super awesome investigators, so I got that going for me, which is nice (in the Bill Murray voice).  haha.  It was a wonderful surprise to open my email and have 10 unread messages!  You all rock!
Sorry I haven´t sent any pictures lately, I´ll try to step it up.  So here´s my little answers section.
Mom - glad to hear you got a good cry in, (I told him I saw Les Miserables) to quote one of my MTC friends, ´´I cry every half hour on the hour.´´ haha.  Good times.  I´m also thrilled to hear that you are reminded of me when you listen to Call Me Maybe haha. Things in good ole mejico are pretty much perfect, I couldn´t ask for more. I love you!
Dad - The oatmeal drink is called Atole.  The key is equal parts milk and sugar haha.  Sorry to hear about the oyster situation, that is truly a tragedy.  I still eat a ton of bananas but not so many mandarin oranges.  I´ve kinda realized that the fruit here isn´t very good, but its really cheap so I can´t complain.  I have a card from the mission and go to a machine across the street from my house (to access money).  Everything is cash here, in fact my first companion had never seen a check before I showed him one.  It has only rained once while I´ve been here, but I still get soaked daily in my own sweat (...better than someone else's sweat I suppose).  About half of the roads are paved and half aren´t but there is really no difference, they are all garbage haha.  I´m pretty clueless about what goes on outside the mission (and inside it for that matter).  I know Obama won reelection and there was a shooting in some elementary school, that's about it.  On P-days we clean the house, write our emails, buy food, do errands, wash laundry (which takes forever), and then with my extra time I read the scriptures.
Roy - That is the dopest schedule of all time haha. Drop some volleyball in there and you´re set :)  I´m super jealous of your winter, though I must say this week has been relatively cool.  Keep on rockin´and tell Andee hi for me!
Mikele - Your letter made me laugh so much haha, we have some good quotes between us haha, and by that I mean we are completely ridiculous.  I gotta say that 7.8% understanding of the Spanish ward is pretty good for the first time, I was probably hovering at about 3.6% my first Sunday here.  I had to eat a ton of mints during my first few weeks to stay awake in sacrament haha.  I have not gotten your package, and from the looks of it you have not gotten my letters...don´t worry they´re coming.  Or they are being read by some sketchy Mexican ..who knows.  Your scriptural insights are fantastic!  You are going to be such a good missionary!!!!  I´m so excited. I love you!
Carly - Wow, I can´t believe anyone reads my blog haha. You totally rock!
Lauren - haha you crack me up. I´m glad to hear your loving Spanish class, I certainly did not haha.  Keep on rockin!
Jace - Thanks for writing me, I´ll sure try to fulfill your request haha.  I´m in an area called Reforma, Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico.
Aly - Ahh I hope you go to BYU!  Its the best!  Your email cracked me up, you are so funny.  Love you too!
So that's all the time I´ve got. Sorry for not sending pictures, next week for sure!  I love you all!
Your favorite missionary,
Elder Roth

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