Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week 21 - 'Sup?

Things are rocking on as always here in the TX Gizzle.  This week we baptized a 15 year old girl named Patsy.  It was pretty sweet.  She had been taught by the missionaries for a long time, in fact I met here the second day I was here, and she had already been taught pretty much everything.  (I have now baptized a person I met my first day and a person I met my second day) :) Her brother Jacob was baptized when he was 8 but has been inactive pretty  much his whole life.  He was reactivated a couple months ago, and when he came home for Christmas break (he goes to college in D.F.) he helped Patsy a ton.  He´s a great guy.  He had to go back to school on Thursday (which we found out Wednesday night), so we did the interview and the baptism just a few hours before he had to leave.  Good stuff.
Dad - I´ll do my best to paint you a good picture.  I´m sitting at a little wood desk that my legs don´t fit under, sweating like crazy.  The rooms is about 10´x 5´ and there are four of these little desks with computers.  The owner is playing some INXS (don´t speak).  My companion is sitting next to me and next to him is some dude doing who knows what haha.  It smells like a very sweaty garment that has had some febreze sprayed on it.  And just for a bit of extra money the lady that runs the place also sells figurines of the virgin Mary...classic Mexico. 
I would have to say I have less human leader guidance than I expected. The zone leaders are great, I love them!
Since I´m in Tuxtla I hardly travel at all.  The farthest I have gone is Chiapa de Corso which is about a 30 minute ride in a little bus.  All the other meetings I have are in Las Palmas which is about 20 of the best minutes of you life in a combi. The only other place I have been is Chapultapec, where the temple is, about 20 minutes in a taxi.  For example though, my first companion was transferred to Tapachula, which is about a 7 hour bus ride from here, and we also have the southern part of Oaxaca in our mission which is several hours away.
The law of tithing has not presented the slightest problem for us thus far. Everyone seems willing to live it.  We make sure to explain the blessings very well though.
Most of the locals have finished la prepa, or high school.  There are some poorer people that are fairly uneducated because they had to work or something like that.  And a fairly large percent of the older population can´t read.
Farewell Otto, sad day.  He was a good car... :)  
Mom -  I´m a big fan of Philemon as well, though I might die if I had to give a 40 minute lesson on that one page.  During my p days I have been reading through the Old Testament and remembering the good ole days of freshman year seminary.  I don´t remember how much time we spent in Leviticus but it couldn´t have been much, its pretty strange.  The good news though is that I know which animals to kill and dip in blood and rub of the corner of my ear in case I get leprosy... good to know.  haha.  Glad to hear that Tom is rippin it up and that Jason has finished strong.  Can you get me an update on Steven? thanks! :)  I love you!
AD - Í´m so jealous of your weather.  It is sooo hot here.  I had no idea how powerful the sun is here.  If you aren´t standing in the shade you are only 3 minutes removed from certain death...well maybe not, but its hotter than Zimbabwe!  Haha that reminds me of the game we played in Toquerville - guess who just burned the ___ out of their tongue haha.  It´s always good to hear a T-Bird quote, keep ém coming haha.  Enjoy school and remember..´´KILL!´´
Sorry for no pictures again this week.  I don´t have a cable to hook up my camera, but I´ll buy one today i guess.  I´ll want you to see my investigators and everything.  But don´t worry...coming soon.
Per dad´s request here is a little Bio of one of my investgators:
José - José is 18 years old (I forgot how to say that in english for a minute). He is friends with Luis who was baptized two weeks ago.  He wears skin tight taper jeans and plays electric guitar in a band.  He´s probably not a person you would expect to be ready for the gospel...but he is.  He works all week so we can only teach him on the weekends, which is a bit of a bummer but he is always willing to give the time that he can to listen to us.  He keeps all the commitments, but is full of questions and little doubts.  We usually explain the answer, which doesn´t help too much, and then explain that it will all clear up in the future, all he needs right now is a testimony of the restoration.  He is totally awesome.
Well that's all I´ve got time for.  I love you all a ton.  Thanks for writing me,
Hasta Lunes,

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