Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 22 - What's Crackalackin!?

Well another week has passed very rapidly here in Tuxtla.  You are indeed correct about the cold front we got here.  It was pretty hilarious, everybody was walking around in gloves and down jackets (I have no idea how they can afford those, but its true).  Unfortunately its starting to heat up again, but its all good, I´ll just be refined in the furnace of my affliction haha.  Well, I hate to break it to you but we broke the streak of 4 straight weeks baptizing.  Can I just mention how much I hate vacations...they are the enemy of missionary work ha.  But its all good, we should have 2 baptisms this week.
Today has been pretty good, you may notice that this email is coming in a bit late.  That's because I went to the mission house this afternoon to pick up two packages, one from Mikele and one from Amanda!!!!  We also went out to eat at Dominoes, which was awesome despite the lack of tortillas haha.  Its always a pleasure to read your emails, they´re always good for a smile.
Welp, I suppose I´ll respond to your emails because that's about all I´ve got ha.
Mamá - I love that quote from Neal A Maxwell (lets be honest I love every quote from him).

"We cannot have the results of the experiment with out performing the experiment.  
Some of us "give" only postage stamp "place" in our lives, 
and yet we expect the yield of an acre! 
"Place" means time, thought, and service.
In the process of building faith, wrote Alma, we must "experiment on the word" of the Master,
 giving "place" sufficient to experiment upon each essential "thing" the gospel requires of us.  
Out of such cumulative experience, comes the cumulative evidence."

 Its pretty much my goal in life to talk really good like him does (looks like there´s work to be done).  The food here...the food here is so good, I love it!  Although to be honest my obsession for tortillas is dying a bit :)  To be honest the food really isn´t that different from the food in the USA, just less varied.  Lots and lots of chicken, beans, tortillas, etc.  The thing I have grown to love the most is Mole.  The mole eaten in the USA is pueblan mole, here its different . I can´t really describe the taste, its just a bunch of pulverized chilies, but its not really hot.  I´ve only had two things that made me hope the second coming would arrive before I had to take the next bite (or drink as the case may be).  One is Pozol - if you want to try it just take equal parts dirt, cocoa powder and water and throw them in a blender, and the other was fried bananas with some nasty salty cheese - I won´t even describe that one. haha
Papá - Thanks for the updates.  Oh and I was going to ask who won the national championship of NCAA football.  Anyway, 
1.  Describe your daily diet - Breakfast - varies a bit. Could be oatmeal with pineapple bits, eggs and rice, straight up rice, very rarely corn flakes, stuff like that.  Lunch - We eat lunch with the members.  They almost always give us some form of chicken.  Beyond that its tough to say.  We eat very few vegetables though.  Dinner - we don´t really have dinner.  Usually I eat a banana or a mandarin orange, or if i´m feeling frisky (obviously I mean that in a mission appropriate way haha)  I´ll make rice when I get home.   
2.  Describe your study of Preach My Gospel - I study PMG a ton, it tells you everything you need to know to be a good missionary.  I spend 20 minutes a day studying ch. 3 (the lessons) and preparing for the investigators.  I´ll think about how to apply points to their needs, etc.  And another 20 minutes study an assigned topic from the mission - stuff like how to begin teaching, extending commitments, etc.  I also read it out loud to work on my pronunciation during language study. 
3.  Describe your companion - hahaha. Well, to be honest I really like my comp, though he doesn´t always work extremely hard.  He has improved a ton and taught me a bunch.  He is from Colombia and speaks Spanish really weird (people here always say ´´mande´´ when he talks, which is like I beg your pardon.) I´ve learned to understand him pretty good though.  He laughs a bunch, which I like.  And he always tries to talk to me while he´s laughing and its impossible to understand haha.  He´s about 5´4´´ on a good day and he's a pretty good guy. :)
4.  Describe  ride on a collectivo - The challenge of a lifetime...umm.   Imagine being in a tent with a bunch of very sweaty strangers on the hottest day in human history.  Then you pay your 6 pesos and the tent proceeds to roll down the side of a never ending mountain... that's pretty much how it is with regards to comfort, personal space and heat .haha. I always have to smile when I´m in one because its just the kind of miserable mission memory that I know I´ll treasure forever. :)
Roy - You are a delk.  haha.  I´m crushed to hear that abstract algebra is a drag but equally glad to hear that you love C++. Feel free to destroy the innards of the netbook, just wait for me so we can throw it off the JFSB together haha.
Mikele - Tú eres campeona!!!  Don´t worry about a thing, it will all be alright. I honestly think you will be the best missionary Chile has ever seen (even better than Mike haha).  I´m almost out of time but just know that I love you and believe in you.  PS. be sure to tell Satan so hard <3 haha. Love ya, bye.
Well, no pictures again this week.  So sorry.  They´ll be coming eventually.
Love you all so much! ¡que les vaya muy bien!

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