Friday, May 17, 2013

Week 38 - My life be like ooh ahh, ooh

Its was great to talk to you guys on Saturday, its good to see that the world isn´t so different back in the US of A: Dad still says ridiculously funny stuff without cracking a smile, Mom still makes it look easy to carry out 7000 different assignments, Roy is still a Delk, and for some reason still unknown to me Andee loves him.  haha  Life is good.
Things are fantastic here in Tapachula.  I am glad to hear you enjoy my commentary on my surroundings, but I hope you know how much I love this place.  Its my holy land.  Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I was serving in the England London South Mission.  Certainly different, but in every meaningful way, exactly the same.  There is just nothing like being a missionary.  I just can´t explain to you how happy I am to be here.
As always I appreciate your emails, I always look forward to hearing from you guys.
Dad - I can´t believe Boo didn´t win! Who´s this Tiger guy anyway haha.  I´m disappointed but not surprised to hear that Lance Armstrong used steroids.   What a shame.  hahaha - typical experiences with stray dogs... Most of them just bark at me, but sometimes they start to attack.  I usually walk with a rock in my hand to peg them if if they attack.  I probably don´t follow Cesar´s guidelines, but I haven´t been bitten yet, and if it ain´t broke don´t fix it. 
Yeah, I have enough money.  They give us 1300 pesos every month and I usually finish it off in the last week.  Stuff here is pretty cheap so its not hard to get by.
haha I can´t say that I feel particularly safe in a combi, but I don´t really worry about it.  I would be pretty terrified to drive here.  They are so crazy haha.  But I don´t have to worry about that anytime soon haha.

a Collectivo - AKA a Combi
Language goals...umm well I want to develop my accent a bit more.  There will always be some words I´m not familiar with, so I write them down and try to learn them.  I read general conference talks in Spanish to get an idea of how to really dominate the language.  And other than that, I try to talk with everyone as if Spanish was my first language.
Congratulations to Joey Tanner!  And of course I read The Great Gatsby -  that book rocks! I´ve learned some great lessons here.  One of them is that money has nothing to do with happiness.  And you hit the nail of the head.  Life is different here, but people are exactly the same.
Mom - Haha I could have told you that Florida doesn´t have the best weather 11 years ago haha.  Luckily though you have air conditioning. :)  As for scripture study epiphanies...well i read something cool yesterday.  Its from a talk that Gordon B Hinckley gave to missionaries in England in 1995.  He said, "You may ask yourself at the end of each day what you have accomplished".  He went on to explain that when he served his mission in England there were no stakes and no wards just 16 districts with a bunch of tiny branches.  At the time he gave his talk there were several missions and countless wards.  Obviously the missionaries had accomplished something even though at the end of each day they might have seen no difference. That's life for you.  I also love his father´s quote.   
Forget yourself and go to work.  
Its taped to the wall next to my desk.  I try to live that quote to its fullest meaning everyday.
You heard the Mexican in my voice!? really!?  Thats awesome!  There are definitely a few good phrases I´ll be taking home with me.  A su mecha, eso, etc.
Steph - Tyler turns 4 this week!!!  What???  No way!!  How long have I been here?  haha.  I´m loving that picture of him with the skates on, it has a striking resemblance to a picture of me taken long ago.  good times haha. 
PS. the X5 is brilliant!
Andee - Good luck with the Spanish!  If you work hard we can watch telenovelas together when I come home haha.  Keep on rocking!  PS I have some homework for you: send me the quote from Nacho Libre when the monk is introducing the new sister.  The ladies´ sisters ... mountain of Guadalupe haha.  It cracks me up, but I can´t remember everything he said.
Well have a splendid week.  I´ll be sure to do the same.  Happy Birthdays to Roy and Tyler.  Be sure to share the gospel, its fun!  hahaha  I´m not sure if I already wrote this but one time in a lesson I was tempted to used a line from Roy´s Macro econ teacher, ¨[being a missionary] is fun, its easy, and it can be romantic¨ hahaha.  Luckily I found the strength to withstand.
Welp, have fun, be good, read your scriptures, remember who you are, wear your armor, catch the spirit, be excellent to each other, and party on dude!
Con Amor,
Elder Clark Roth :)

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