Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Week 39 - :) Hey Fam

Life is better than ever here in Tapachula.  Its always a joy to read your emails and hear from you guys.  Thanks.  This week was totally fantastic! We have so many great investigators and I´m just loving life.  We are hoping to baptize a young woman named Iveth this week but we'll need a bit of luck...haha she´s already 8.75 months pregnant.  We are going to try to baptize her tomorrow and beat the baby to the punch.  We´ll see how it goes :)

Dad asked for a story from one of our investigators, so here we go.  About 2 months ago the Bishop introduced us to a part member family.  The mom and dad are named Irma and Joaquín, and they have 4 kids.  2 of the kids are already baptized, one is 6 years old, and the other has some addiction problems.  The parents aren´t baptized because Joaquín was married but never divorced, and Irma is from Guatemala  (Pretty much the hardest situation ever - divorce yourself from a woman you haven´t seen in 20 years that lives in Baja, California, and get married to a foreigner).  Anyway, we went to visit them, got them excited, and reactivated the family.  They are working on finding a solution so they can get married, and they gave us a referral - the Sitalán Family.  The Sitalán family has been listening to us and progressing like crazy.  (Iveth is one of the children) and we will hopefully be able to baptize Iveth, Karla, her husband, the two parents, another daughter named Ivon, and her boyfriend, and his brother...Brethren, pray for us!  :)  Life is awesome!

Well I´ll get on to responding to your emails :)

Dad : Your comment about infuriating mom had me lshidmtamsfo. In case you're not familiar with that abbreviation it means: laughing so hard I dropped my taco and my sombrero fell off. (Haha thanks for that one Roy).  I´m looking forward to seeing The Great Gatsby in the not too distant but still pretty far away future (as Mikele would call it).  For some reason I thought about ´´Out Where the Buses Don´t Run´´ this morning.  Funny that you would mention Miami Vice.  What an awesome show.  Be sure to bask in the glory of Bushido for me haha.  

Here is something you may get a kick out of. I watched a 15 minute video on YouTube of a camera on a car's dashboard filming a drive around downtown Tapachula. Not real exciting, but I saw some Collectivos. White vans that say a bunch of stuff on them, but say Collectivo on the bottom of the back hatch. Right?

That is exactly how the combi´s are. The ones in Tuxtla are a tiny bit funnier because they have stuff written all over the windshield and you can hardly see anything.  Its kinda like Talladega Nights when Ricky Bobby puts the Fig Newtons sponsor on his windshield haha. 

"This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient, but I do love Fig Newtons"
Ricky Bobby
1.  How do you pay for Collectivos?  Cash? Card?
We pay for collectivos with cash and coin.  Its six pesos per person.  And the drivers get really ticked when you hand them a 200 peso bill to pay haha.  One of these days I´ll see what happens when you hand them a 500 peso bill haha. 
2.  What is your status with ties?  Trading with other missionaries?  Got enough?
As for ties, I´m all set.  I´ve only traded one, its hard for me to let mine go.  I also got 2 ties as a gift from a returned missionary in my ward. 

3.  I was at a Priesthood social tonight and one of the speakers talked about managing his money while on his mission but also getting some favorite food, his was this chocolate tart type of thing in Spain. Do you have anything like that in Chiapas?  Any treats? 
I´m pretty cheap, but occasionally I´ll buy myself a piece of sweet bread, or a package of cookies.  I don´t really have a favorite thing though, but that's probably due to the rule that we can´t buy food in the street.  

4.  Do you ever get to downtown Tapachula?  I have watched some YouTube videos. It looks sort of interesting.
Today I´ll go downtown (we go about every other Monday).  Its really pretty cool.  I´ve changed a bit in that respect.  I think I would really enjoy St. George Street or Key West after having been here.  I really enjoy interacting with people and the weirder the better haha.  

5.  What is your address?
I don´t think I have an address.  haha.  If you're willing to search a bit on Google Maps, look up the church building for Vista Hermosa, Tapachula. Go 3 blocks along the 20 De Noviembre Street, turn left, and my house is the pink one to the right of the intersection on the far side.  (Probably doesn´t make sense, but if you pray hard you might find it haha).  Thanks for your update. Hope that all goes well with Quest (though to be honest I´m not really sure what that is) and have a great week!

Roy - Keep on rocking on 2.5 hours of sleep.  Good to hear that you are enjoying  (for the most part) the MCL.  I´ve found that economics explains the condition of my surroundings perfectly.  Its pretty cool.  Haha and sometimes I realize that I´m only serving a mission because I have nothing better to do (its the lowest cost), but then again, there is nothing better in all the world than the best 2 years :)

Mom -  (I hope you’re wondering about the title of my email.  Yesterday in relief society Emily Lee’s mom taught the lesson.  She was talking about her son Niles, and how he is a really funny kid.  Apparently there are a lot of made up words in the Lee household, and Niles is responsible for many of them.  So he tells her he has a great idea for something for him to do.  She thinks about it, and decides it ISN'T a great idea, and he won’t be doing it.  He says, “Mom, stop speculacizing me”  She tells him that isn't a word.  He says she is speculating and criticizing him.   And thus we see the creation of a fabulous new word...Speculacizing.  Feel free to use this word....JUST DON’T DO IT.)
Haha its always good to make up words. I find myself doing that from time to time while teaching lessons haha.  Unfortunately, I only saw the Sunday morning session of the conference and they haven´t given us the Liahona yet, so I´m still pretty ignorant with regards to this conference (and with regard to most things for that matter haha)  But I really liked Elder Perry´s talk - Obedience to the Law is Freedom.  I got a stack of 11 dear elders haha.  Everyone in my zone was pretty jealous.  haha.  Thanks for sending me Kel´s emails!  Love you mom!

Andee! - you are the best.  I cracked up when I read the Nacho Libre quote. haha - its just so accurate!  hahaha.  Thanks for the awesome quote. In Spanish its 6 words that launched it all, 
´´Éste es mi hijo amado, ¡Escúchalo!´´
(This is my Beloved Son, Hear Him!)
 I know we will be blessed if we do exactly what our Heaven Father told us to do, 
´´hear him´´.

Mikele - Hope things are rocking on in Chile.  You´ll have a letter coming your way soon.  I love you! 

When I signed on today, I found out Francis Monson died.  Be sure to pray for President  Monson...the world's hardest job just got a lot harder.

Welp, that about wraps it up.  I hope you all have a fantastic week! fI all else fails, listen to the wise words from Señor Ramon in Nacho Libre´´Orphans, smile and be happy´´ haha.  Love you all.

Hasta Lunes,

Elder Roth

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