Monday, June 3, 2013

Week 41 :D

Whats Up

Things are rocking and rolling here in Tapachula as always.  I´m pleased to hear that everyone had a pretty rocking week.  Happy Anniversary Roy and Andee!  You´ll be pleased to know that I´m sweating like crazy right now, and word on the street is that its freezing in Chile.  I´m so jealous!  haha. 

The work is going pretty well.  As of late we haven´t exactly been racking up the baptisms, but we´ll just keep on chugging along.  We´ve come across some great families and we have high hopes for the future.  In the mean time there has been no shortage of good spiritual lessons, ridiculous crazies, heat stroke, and everything else that makes the mission the best 2 years. 

As always I appreciate the emails!  They´re always good for a smile.

Mom - Thanks for the Mikele letter and the updates.  I´m glad to hear the Bimmer got some good use this week.  I´m glad to hear you adopted my philosophy of no A/C, it prepared me well for my mission.  Your paragraph about dogdy doctrine cracked me up.  There´s just nothing better than good old fashioned ignorance when it comes to the doctrine of salvation.  haha.  I´m sure if Bruce R McConkie was alive he´d have some beatdowns to lay out haha. (here in Mexico we call it Plancha, which means iron - when the investigators don´t progress we gotta break out the irons haha.)  We have quite a few new missionaries, but I expect we´ll get a ton this transfer.  I love you Mom.  Have a great week!

Dad - I can´t believe Jeff and Michael graduated already!  Time flies.  Haha Poor Elder Peterson.  One of my zone leaders from my old zone hated tortillas. I don´t know how he survives because my estimate of 25 a day wasn´t an exaggeration.  And when you eat with the poor members its even more, up to 40 I would guess haha.  I think the scripture is found in 3rd Delusions 2:16, right after the chapter about the astonishment in heaven when we saw we lived in the dispensation of the fulness of times.  haha. 

1.  You have mentioned that everyone has a TV. What do they watch?

True indeed that everyone has a TV, even the poorest of the poor.  They watch soccer and telenovelas and pretty much nothing else.  I gotta admit those novelas can be pretty entertaining haha, not really.  

2.  How do you pay your Fast Offering?  Just to the Ward?

We pay our fast offering with a tithing slip, just like at home. 

3.  Where did you get that cool fish dinner that you took a photo of?  Restaurant?

The fantastic fish dinner was  from a lunch appointment with a member of the ward.  Its probably the best thing I´ve eaten in my entire mission. (although my Bishop in Tuxtla deserves honorable mention for his tacos, and thanksgiving dinner (he served his mission in the United states and makes a lot of american food.)) 

4.  What do the locals think of Americans and the US in general?

I'm pretty sure they just think about us being rich and proud.  They don´t have a particularly positive attitude in general.  That said they´re pretty accepting of me.  Love you dad, keep on rocking!

Roy - Wow!  Who knew you could rent puppies!  Almost as good as buying a bullet and renting a gun haha.  I´m glad to see the creativity (that reminds me that the biggest regret I have regarding my mission is that I didn´t bring my be creative shirt).  The work is going well.  I look forward to comparing our missions when the time comes.  How´re the grad school apps going?  I´m thinking you´ll be living in the northeast when I come home, or maybe California, we´ll see.  Hope all goes well.  Love you bro.

Andee - You are forgiven.  Keep on chugging with those 9 credits.  That sounds that the kind of punishment I would put myself though.  Be sure too get out of there before the EFY kids come haha.  I will sweat it up just for you!  Love ya Andee. 

Mikele - I´m sending you a letter today, hopefully it will get there by Christmas!  I´m proud of you for serving the Lord.  Those first 2 months are certainly not the most fun, but its all gets better.  You´ll be fine.  I can´t believe its been a whole year since we´ve seen each other.  One more of those and then hopefully it won´t ever happen again.  I love you! Keep on smiling and being a good Sherpa haha.  (You could after all make a good analogy between being a missionary and a Sherpa).  You´ll be pleased to know that I´m still waiting to open my one year card, but no promises that I´ll go the distance.  haha jokes - I can make it.  Mucho exito.  TQM. ps. acabo de darme cuenta de que podemos hablar en español. :)  Hasta 2014 :)

The time is far spent, there is little remaining.  I love you all.

Elder Clark Roth

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