Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week 44 - I Sure Do Love America


What´s happening?  Things are going pretty well in my life...other than the fact that everything I own is pretty much destroyed, my apartment doesn´t have a fridge, I haven´t stopped sweating in the last 10 months, I have a massive tan line on my neck, and my backpack smells really really bad.  haha. I was about to say just kidding.   But that´s all true.  Don´t worry though, I am just as happy as ever and just loving every minute of my mission.

I was thrilled to open up my email and see 6 messages in my inbox, oh how I love to read your letters! 

Mom - My life is fantastic!  Unfortunately I still haven´t gotten the May edition of the Liahona, so I´m still pretty ignorant with regards to General Conference.  I´m not really sure why the ward doesn´t have a Bishop, and I´d rather not ask.  haha. Its a bit rough though - its tough to do missionary work with no Bishop and an inactive ward mission leader.  :)  I went on divisions with one of the zone leaders this week, and decided that he was ´´interesting´´ as well.  I´m pretty sure everyone is weird except me haha :)  I got 4 more dear elders this week, always a highlight, but I haven´t got your package.  I live about 6.5 hours from the mission home - but the zone leaders go once a month for a meeting with the pres, and that's when they bring us stuff.  haha  I´ve only been to the mission home twice in my mission, and one of those times was when I arrived.  I love you! 

Dad - We got to watch the Missionary Broadcast yesterday!  It was amazing to see all of the missionaries there in the Marriott center.  It definitely brought back some good memories of BYU :)  I am indeed the senior compi - I have been since I got to Tapachula.  Haha  the Sister doesn´t actually hate me.  We actually get along quite well.  And my companion is a good guy too.  He just says stuff in lessons that don´t really make sense and its painful to do street contacts with him haha.  I like him though and we get along just fine. 

1.  What types of experiences are you having with the local police?  Are there many?
- haha luckily I haven´t had too many experiences with the police.  They all carry assault rifles or shotguns and I thought about contacting one that looked a bit grumpy, but I got scared haha.  Other than that nothing too exciting. 

2.  What is the downtown of Tapachula like? 
- My part of downtown Tapachula is poor, dirty, and pretty funny.  The zone leaders have a rich area that's pretty darn sweet!  Tapachula is really an awesome city - I´d love to come back here.

3.  Do you still have your bucket?  Did you leave it behind in your last area?
- Buckets still play a vital role in my life. They are my washing machine, my chair, my toilet in poor areas, and many many other things haha. A good missionary never leaves a bucket behind haha.

4.  I watched a TED video on the impacts of automatic washing machines on people. Do you have anything to share about washing machines?
-hahaha why would you watch a talk about washing machines!?  ha.  I truly believe the washing machine to be one of mans greatest inventions.  I miss having a washing machine more than I miss having a refrigerator! 

5. Do you iron your shirts?
- Yes, i iron my shirts. 

6. RAD is visiting over the 4th of July and we will go on the boat  to see the fireworks. What kind of fireworks do you see there and on what occasions are they employed?
- They don´t use fireworks too often.  They have this one kind that makes a ton of noise without giving off any light.  When they go off I always think that I´ve been shot haha. 

What is one recommendation you would give a prospective missionary?
One recommendation for future missionaries - don´t get discouraged.  There are a million things that can get you down.  Missions are hard - but if you do your best, study like you should, love the people, and serve with all your heart.  You will kneel down to pray at night and not be able to find the adequate words to express how grateful you are for your best 2 years.

Andee-Dawn - Thanks for your weekly emails and your example to Roy. Maybe one day he´ll catch on and start sending me emails haha.  I´ve got an extra special phrase for your to use with Roy his week.  ´´Roy, dame una cubeta - Las cosas no sucedieron bien.´´  (Roy give me a bucket...things did not go well) haha.  You two crack me up!

Steph  - Thanks for the awesome canteen tie, now I won´t be soooo thirsty.  (I can only imagine how many times you said that to yourself when you found the tie.)  Keep on rocking!  I want pictures of the new house! 

Mikan - My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw that you wrote me.  haha.  I´m holding out hope that you´ll find a luscious Brazilian man on your mission and run away with him. :)  If not, I´ll keep my promise  haha.  I´m excited to hear that you are going to Brazil, you´ll totally love it!  As a matter of fact I can understand Portuguese fairly well, but the only thing I remember how to say is something about travelling in the mayonnaise.  Be sure to ask Brother Northrup how to say it - I´m sure it will come in handy!  haha your comment, ´´You're a sassy man, but you've got one strong testimony´´ cracked me up. I´m confident you and your fantastic attitude and undeniable testimony will work miracles in Brazil. You´re great!

Mikele - por que estaba a punto de morirte con los cambios!? que pasó!? Feliz 2 meses en Chile - estoy seguro que estás aprendiendo bien el español y la vida ha mejorado bastante. Sigue trabajando como loco! Te amo! Casi no puedo esperar más, quiero tus cartas ahora! haha. Pero pues, hay que aprender la paciencia. Nos vemos en 2014! PS. Me dio un buen de risa escuchar que comes lo que quieras haha. ESO! yo también. Siempre estoy comiendo, aun cuando no tengo hambre. Debe ser algo acerca de la obra que nos da ganas de engordar haha. Love you!

Welp the time has eclipsed. Love you all so much!

Elder Clark Roth

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