Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 45 - Hi

Querida Familia,
Its always a pleasure to read your emails, thanks for sending them.  Life is good, it always is.  This week was pretty good, we´ve improved quite a bit, which is gratifying.  Obviously its the Lord´s work, not mine - and the success is the Lord´s not mine.  But it always feels good to see the rewards for your hard work.
I´ve got a couple of funny experiences for you this week.  One of them happened this morning when I walked by the bathroom to see my companion brushing his teeth with MY toothbrush.  I did a double take and he definitely noticed that I saw him.  No words have been spoken.  Needless to say that toothbrush will be discarded soon. haha.
Also I fell down so hard this week.  The cement here is poorly made and when it rains (which is everyday) it gets super slippery.  Well, I tried to hop over a puddle and it went very very poorly.  I got super dirty and had to go home a change.  I took a picture but its hard to see the mud.  I had a bruise on my hipbone but it feels better know haha.

Puddle - 1  Clark - 0

Roy - Thanks for your email haha.  What a great song.  haha.  That reminds me that one time in Tuxtla I was riding in the combi and Africa by Toto came on.  I couldn´t wipe the grin of my face. haha.  Have a fun week with Mom and Dad - and watch out for arrowhet! haha.  Love you Roy.
Dad - Oh how I love baseball!  I´m totally stoked to see that movie when I come home.  I´m glad you enjoyed your time in Provo.  I´m going to send a picture of me from the MTC because I saw it this week and remembered how beautiful Utah is. I love it!

Elder Roth at the Provo Temple

1.  Describe where you are sitting right now, typing this letter.
   - In an internet café. This one is air conditioned and the computers actually work.  Its a nice change haha.  I think my companion and I are the only 2 people here not on Facebook.
2.  What do you eat that most resembles Mexican Food that is found in the USA?
    - The tacos al pastor that you order are pretty authentic. other than that its pretty much all different. haha.

Clark said "This spider is the size of my face"

3.  Describe how your Testimony has changed since you have been in Mexico.
   - It hasn´t changed much.  I know the same things I knew before - Jesús Christ lives and is the Savior of the world, Joseph Smith was a prophet and restored the fullness of the góspel to the earth, and the Church of Jesús Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only church on earth that has the priesthood authority of God.  What has changed is my ability to live what I know.  I know how to exercise faith now, I know how to get answers to my prayers, and so much more.
4.  If you could magically have one particular food item appear right in front of you now, to eat, what would it be?
   - Williamson Brothers BBQ - no doubt.
5.  Are you following the Mission Rules with Exactness?  :-)
    - Of course haha.
Have a great week with the family.  I love you dad.
Mom - Glad to hear the Bavarian (forgive my spelling) Money Waster is living up to its name haha.  I miss my cars haha.  Not really but kinda.  Have fun at the Suns game...have I mentioned that I love baseball!  :) Haha  I´m definitely going to blame Tom for the pool fiasco. haha.  I´m glad to hear things are going well for Brett and Linh.  Its a relief to hear that you miss me haha, just kidding I wasn´t too worried that you had forgotten me.  Don´t envy my companions too much.  haha.  Love you mom!
Steph - Haha, you´ll be glad to hear that I´m wearing your tie as I type this email haha.  Its totally sweet!  Haha  yep same bucket!  jk jk haha.  Love you!

Elder Hastain is on the bucket

Mikele - I hope things are going well in Chile. I love you!
Well I guess thats all for this week. have a good one!
Love you,
Elder Clarkie

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