Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 49 - ZZZzzz


I´m tired.  Really really tired.  But that's ok.  This last week has been really good.  The work is going pretty well.  We´re trying to get some more participation from the members, which is a bit tough since we don´t have a Bishop or a ward mission leader.  But we´re trying to find the way and not make any excuses. 

As you may have picked up from my other emails, I´m pretty addicted to general conference talks.  This week I really enjoyed Elder Cook´s talk Personal Peace, the Reward of Righteousness and President Uchtdorf´s from 2011, Forget Me Not. Sometimes I feel pretty weighed down with all the work I have to do.  The mission goal is to baptize every week.  And I still haven´t figured out how to do it.  But I´m learning to just keep pressing forward.  The words of the prophets echo in my mind all day long, as well as the wise advice from Finding Nemo, ´´just keep swimming.´´ 

I am just as happy as ever, but never have I ever been so tired.  I´m not running on my own energy right now, it's coming from another source. 

Mom - Thanks for the update from Kel.  I´m glad to hear that some of my ridiculous traditions live on (the finger point in the car haha).  Your "Every Day I´m Shufflin'" comment made me chuckle.  That reminds me...in my planner I try to think of a new way to write in my study block.  Some of my favorites have been: get my nerd on, scratchin' the cerebro (brain in Spanish), and some others I can't remember.  My new compi is great.  His name is Elder Torres and is from Oaxaca.  He is super funny and teaches really well.  Sorry, I didn´t bring my camera this week, but I´ll send you a picture next week.  Love you!

Dad - Affirmative on the sweat rag, negative on the beef jerky. I´m sure it was enjoyed by the Mexican officials though.  Pobre Tim Hudson. that's a bummer. Woohoo! Michael D! Hopefully he gets called to the Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez mission.  I call dibs on training him! 

1.  Have you gone to a restaurant there?  I know you can't eat from street vendors. But what about a sit down and get served place?
- I have indeed gone to a restaurant, but haven´t been too impressed.  I make better food in my apartment (and I do not make good food in my apartment...). 
2.  How long since you gave a talk in Sacrament meeting? 
I gave a sacrament talk 2 weeks ago, I found out that I would give it during the sacrament meeting haha.  It went pretty well though.  

3.  Are you asked to perform Priesthood Blessings very often?  Asked by a PH holder to go to see someone?  Go to a hospital to see someone?
- I give a lot of priesthood blessings, but mostly just in people´s houses.  I´ve got some pretty sweet Thomas S. Monson-esque experiences with showing up at the right time without knowing. 

4.  Tell us about your new companion. Are you the Senior?  Have you trained anyone yet?
- I am indeed the senior compi, but that doesn´t really mean anything haha.  We are working together well.  It's sad for me to say that I haven´t trained yet...I have wanted to for all of my mission, but that's ok. 

5.  Tell us about a zone conference. 
- Zone Conferences are kinda funny.  It's mostly just announcements that we´ve heard a 100 times before, then a bit of a lesson, and then we practice.  The conferences with the President are hilarious though.  He is pretty similar to you in his sense of humor.  Have an A number 1 super winner week!  Love you!

Steph - hahaha, typical Tom - employing misfits and criminals.  ha.  That's so great that you could do the temple work for Brenda.  I miss going to the temple to be honest.  But it won´t be too long till I´m there again.  Sounds like Tyler gave an epic talk.  You guys are awesome.  I can´t believe Cheyenne is still alive haha.  Que tengan una buena semana. (Tom can translate that for you if you need it haha.)

Andee - You win the most faithful sibling award haha.  Roy is such a bum.  ha jokes I know you guys are super busy.  Congratulations to Eayden!  and thanks for the spiritual thought.  It was a nice boost. 

Well I´m going to go home and take a nap.  Sorry for the shortish email.  I love you guys. 

Elder Clark Roth 

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