Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week 48 - Do You Not Realize That I Have Had Diarrhea Since Easters? (A Quote from Nacho Libre)

Hey family,

Thanks for the emails!  I had a good week and all is well in Tapachula.  We got our transfer calls this morning and I´m going to stay here in Central, my companion is going to another area in Tapachula, and my new companion is named Elder Torres.  I don´t know who he is but I´m sure it will be a good 6 weeks. 

Thanks for sending me the pictures Andee.  You and Roy the best!  I´m glad to hear that Tim Lincecum threw a no-no dad.  That's pretty awesome.  If things don´t work out with my studies at BYU I´ll probably follow in his footsteps and be a professional baseball player.  $22 million a year is workable.

You totally pegged my apartment with the Google streetview.  I live in the pink building there. 

There is a Pentecostal church in front of us that always plays the funniest songs.  (for example, one that talks about the Holy Ghost and says that it smells like the Spirit.  (maybe its a shoot-off of Smells Like Teen Spirit))

Roy - It might have been me that you saw playing volleyball.  My district loved it and we pretty much always went out to play.  I never saw your car but I didn´t look too hard usually.  I hope you and Andee are enjoying the full house.  There are not words to describe my disappointment that you are using Python instead of C++.  You should send me a letter written in LaTeX!!! haha. The Book of Mormon is what its all about!  I´ve been going through writing a paragraph summary for every chapter about what I learn.  It's amazing how much that book teaches.  Love you brah! ha :)

Andee - I am indeed doing well and sweating a lot.  I hope your fam likes BYU, its definitely heaven on earth for me.  (I can´t wait to be in the snow again!)  I like your spiritual thought.  Its true - God hasn´t changed at all.  And there´s no reason there can´t be the same type of miracles in these days. (My good bud Moroni can back me up on that).  Love you!

Dad - Its a joy to hear that my Tom and Steven are doing well.  I sure do love them!  I´ve heard that they lied about the number of deaths during Hurricane Stan here.  And its pretty believable, because there are a few areas here that used to be neighborhood that were completely destroyed.  The tortillas from El Milagro are the best! 

1.  Tell us about one of your current investigators.
      -  Umm, tough choice.  Arón Cotoc.  He is a 13 year old who we´ve been teaching for a little while.  His mom still hasn´t given him permission to be baptized but she´s gonna crack at any minute.  He is extremely intelligent.  He read first Nephi 1 - 4, and gave to best summary of what happens that I´ve ever heard.  The other day I was going to ask him a question and I started to say, ´´do you believe...´´, then he cut me off and said, ´´that the church is true? - no, I know it!´´  It was pretty impressive.

2.  How many investigators in your current pool?
    - a ton. We are always running from visit to visit.

3.  What percent of the time do you speak English with your Companion?
    - 0. OK, sometimes we quote Nacho Libre, but other than that it's all Spanish.

4.  Is there any sightseeing/cultural appreciation you do on P-day?
      - I imagine that there is, but we never have time haha. 

5.  Have you seen that big yellow highlighted building in downtown Tapachula?  It is on all the tourism pictures.
      - maybe.  I only serve in a quarter of the city so I don´t know.

6.  Do you see Central Americans passing through on their way to El Norte?
     - yes...and they are hilarious.  They always talk to us in English.   One of them told us that he sold cocaine,marijuana, and Benadryl.  ha.  Another had the dirtiest mouth I have ever heard.  My companion and I were speechless. 

7.  How are you doing money wise?  Enough to survive?
     - easy. I can get by on 50 pesos a week (50 pesos is 4 dollars) if I have to.  I´ve never had any problems.

Mom - I love the talk ´´These things I know.´´ Presidente Packer is so awesome!  Luckily I´ve been spending a lot more time teaching than walking. Thanks for your compliment about my writing.  The only problem is that I can´t spell.  haha.  And as my Spanish improves my spelling in English just gets worse and wors and wurz.  I love you Mom! 

I hope things are going well back in the US.  I´m loving life here. 

Until next week,

Elder Roth

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