Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 47 - No Toachin of Dis Stone

Muy buenas tardes familia,

I am pretty sure a solid 95% of my emails start the same way.  But just to keep the tradition going: life is good, Mexico is awesome, and I am sweating.  This morning I found a gem while we were cleaning out our house - a 2002 conference edition of the Ensign.  Back then Elder Eyring was the newest apostle, Elder Maxwell orchestrated mind-blowing discourses and the Seventy was graced by the service of a young man named Dieter.  Good times eh. 

Thanks for the emails and news.  The titles of our emails always make me chuckle - especially Roy`s - Real smooth swag.  (did you know that smooth is an onomonopia? haha) 

We tried to find a street view of your pink building and maybe Mom found it.  Is there a tacquerita or something like that on the corner and V. E. S. or something like that as the name?  Then some weird building with a Quaker State logo on the opposite corner?  If so, that will be an amazing find by Mom.  The street names seem to get reused, so a simple search will yield multiple places with that name
.Unfortunately the pink edifice you encountered is not my apartment, you`ll have to look the other way. You might not be able to see if from the intersection there. (BTW that is the worst intersection ever - when it rains there is about an 18 inch deep puddle that engulfs the street).

Mom - I`m glad to hear Roy and Andee had a good time in Florida.  I remember quite well the night I couldn`t find the M5 in the parking garage (of the Orlando Airport!!) haha.  I got home at like 4:30 in the morning haha.  I had to sing at the top of my lungs just to stay awake on the drive home.  It's a miracle I made it haha.  I`m so pleased that you commented on my de-worming story haha.  It was awesome!  ha.  I haven`t lost any weight, in fact physically I`m pretty much exactly the same. (the phrase from Jeremy Clarkson`s comment in the Hammerhead i Eagle Thrust (an episode of Top Gear) comes to can`t improve on perfection!) haha.  Good idea about the patriarchal blessing.  I got your package!  And the Mexican immigration officials were kind enough to save me the trouble of having to unwrap everything.  How thoughtful.  ha.  I`m loving the peanut butter!  I love you!  Hope you have a great week!

Dad - I`m glad to hear the Braves are doing well.  I wish there was 5 Guys here!  I need a burger!  The de-worming is a mission tradition.  And all the experienced missionaries tell the new ones horror stories about what happens.  It's a good time.  Kevin Newton!  I`m so proud!  That's awesome.  I`m 100% in favor of sending the gravity boards to Provo, although it will surely not be long before Roy has a broken face. 

1. How friendly are people, in general?  If you walk down the street, do they look at you and say Hi?
The people are quite friendly, there are almost no rude people here.  Most people will say buenas tardes if I say it first, if not they just stare at me and I pretend not to notice.  

2. Do you know that the Church now publishes an official mini version of Preach My Gospel?  I don't know if they have it in Spanish yet, though.
-I do indeed have an official mini sized Predicad mi Evangelio - it is my most prized possession :).  

3. Have you been to the Lavenderia, or Washateria or whatever it is called?  Do you have your suit dry-cleaned? (that one was a joke)
I took my clothes to the lavanderia today because I just didn`t feel like spending my entire day washing.  I really need to dry clean my suit but as you guessed there is no dry cleaner here. It`s smelling a bit rank. I love you dad!

RAD - wow!  Congratulations on your calling Roy. 2nd counselor in the bishopric is pretty sweet.  What apartments does your ward draw from?  I`m grateful for your example.  Serve well - find the lambs, feed the sheep. :) Andee you rock!  I wish someone made me lunch...oh wait the members do that.  But its not the same!  haha.  Have a great week!  I love you both...but Andee to a lesser extent haha.  (If that sounds terrible hopefully Roy can explain what I`m referring to).

Mikele - I did indeed have a rocking 4th of July   I`m proud of you for serving and hope that all is going well.  I got your letters!  and they totally rocked!  I love you.  I`ll try to write to you soon, but I hardly ever have time.  P-days are not at all days of rest.  So this week I thought I should send you a few little tips for your Spanish.  There are a couple of things that I wish people would have told me while I was still a new missionary.  First of all, the r is obviously very different.  Check and see if you're saying it right in front of d`s, n`s, and l`s.  Those are the hardest ones.  Also check and make sure that you have the a e i o u right in every word - preocupado, ultimo, copiar, for example.  The s/z is a bit softer and they shouldn`t resonate throughout your sentences.  Try to keep your tongue flat (don`t make a U shape).  Also, I`m not sure how they pronounce y/ll there, but try to put enough emphasis on it for it to be heard.  For example,  ahì and allì should should different.  Wear your companions out asking for help and be patient.  It's tough.  But the gift of tongues is real and teaching by the Spirit will always beat teaching in perfect Spanish.  Have a great week!

I hope you like the title of my email dad.  I thought of that this week and i`m really proud of myself for remembering to include it in my email.  Thank you all for your prayers and your support.  I am truly a happy missionary. 

PS. How are my fellow missionaries from the Jax beach ward?  Tom`s about to hit his year mark, and Steven is an old old man.  haha, well kinda. 

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