Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 60


Well, it's been an interesting week.  We got transfer calls this week, Elder Torres and I are staying here in Central.  It's a bit of a challenge.  We get along well, the problem is the ward.  Yesterday a sweet spirit of contention filled our testimony meeting.  We are both feeling a bit worn out to be honest.  But I´m still happy.  I challenge anyone to find a happier missionary than me! :)

Oh, BTW my debit card expired. Can you send me a new one by chance? Thanks. 

To shake things up a bit I decided to add a true or false seccion to my email. If anyone gets all the answers right I´ll send them a hand written letter. 

1. I like Tapachula more than Tuxtla.
2. My companion is from Tamulipas.
3. I have eaten over a kilo of peanut butter in the last 11 days.
4. Elder Torres and I missed our bus to Tuxtla this week. 
5. I´m the old man in my zone (the one with the most time in this zone, not total).
6. I finally bought new shoes.
7. All of my companions have been Mexicans.
8. My toilet works.
9. I haven´t been seriously ill since I left Tuxtla.
10. You can recieve a remission of sins without baptism.
11. A girl kissed my companion this week.

ok, all of those are pretty easy. 2 hard ones.

11. The organ in the tabernacle is one of the 10 largest in the world.
12. The church publishes materials in more than 175 languages.

No cheating.

Ok.  I had a good spiritual experience this Saturday.  The sister missionaries in the district had a baptism and the person that was going to be baptized asked me to do it.  I was feeling a bit tired of all the problems in my area.  I´d been praying for weeks and weeks,  seemingly to no avail.  In the baptismal service the sister missionaries sang ´´A Child´s Prayer.´´  The song touched my heart, and I knew that God listened to my prayers.  I had tears in my eyes as I baptized the woman.  It was awesome!

On to your emails.  Dad sent me a ton of questions this week. 

Dad - Have you ever not overdone it clearing out the backyard? ha. 
1.  Tell us something you learned this week. 
1. Something I learned - The only common attribute I have found in every great missionary, leader of the church or member is that they never give up. Most of them struggle greatly, including some who die having seen no fruits of their labors.  But none give up.
2.  Tell us of some service you performed for someone else this week.  
2. Service - The members hardly ever let us do anything.  It's gotten to the point where we just start doing stuff without them knowing.  Like washing their dishes until they catch us and yell at us.  haha
3.  Tell us something about your companion that is unusual. 
3. Something unusual about my companion - umm... my companion.  No, just kidding he is pretty normal.  Something a bit unusual is that he is a convert of 2 years and the only member in his family.  And he eats tuna salad on cookies...
4.  Why did you go to TXG?  You said it was a Mission leadership meeting.  Are you a leader or something?
4. I went to Tuxtla for my immigration stuff.  I didn´t tell you but I´ve been illegal the last month.  ha.  Oh, and the other time we had a conference.  You could say that. :)

5.  How do you communicate with your leaders?  Cell phone?
5. Cell phone and smoke signals.
6.  Have you had the opportunity to eat anything that Andrew Zimmern would consider Bizarre?
6. Not too much.  That said, most of the time I really don´t know what I eat. ha.  But nothing that tastes like ´´pocket change´´ lately.

7.  Tell us of a success you had this week with an investigator?
7. We are teaching a woman named Bersabé.  Her husband is a member and it seems like every time we see her she is happier to see us.  It's always fun to teach her. 
8.  Where do the drunks get the money for their alcohol?
8. They walk around the streets harassing people for money.
9.  What scripture spoke to you this week?
9. Alma 38.  Shiblon gets very little attention, but he was true at all times. His father teaches him a tiny bit and tells him to go and keep serving.  I feel like Shiblon. 
10. How is your progress at rolling your R's?
10. good. I don´t have any problems with it. 

I hope things go well with the merger and with HC. I love you Dad. 

Mom - NOO! the M5! ha.  I don´t remember when the fridge was in your room, but I do remember watching Deadliest Catch with Roy under the plastic tarp in my room.  It was soo hot ha.  That was a long time ago.  I was 13 years old.  Inspired questions are indeed what its all about.  I think they are the most effective teaching skill, given that regardless of a persons knowledge and conversion level, a question can inspire self revision and repentance.  If you have to move, be sure to tell me.  I don´t want to go home to an empty house like in the RM haha.  I love you Mom.

Andee - Thanks for the Cougars update.  KVN is a senior right?  It's a bummer I won´t get to see him play.  He such a beast.  Hopefully Roy gets over the #hashmark phase soon.  haha.  What a dork.  The first lesson is pretty sweet huh?  We teach it to our members so that everyone gets to hear it.  Thanks for the email. and keep on rocking. 

Roy - I hope all is going well.  Have you already started your applications? 

Michael D enters the MTC pretty soon right?  That's awesome.  From what I´ve heard Chihuahua is pretty sweet.  Missionary work is hard.  This is without a doubt the hardest thing I've ever done.  But I love it.  It's going by so fast. 

Brethren pray for us. 

Elder Roth

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