Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 61 Hey!


Guess what?  I had a good week.  Seems like that never changes.  How can you possibly have a bad week as a missionary? 

Unfortunately nobody got a 100% on my exam.  You did pretty well though. Dad only missed one, and mom two. (and your comments cracked me up). Here´s the answer key:

1. I like Tapachula more than Tuxtla.
- true
2. My companion is from Tamulipas.
- false, he´s from Oaxaca.
3. I have eaten over a kilo of peanut butter in the last 11 days.
- Very very true
4. Elder Torres and I missed our bus to Tuxtla this week. 
 - true (everyone got that one right) 
5. I´m the old man in my zone (the one with the most time in this zone, not total).
- true
6. I finally bought new shoes.
- false haha
7. All of my companions have been Mexicans.
- false
8. My toilet works.
- false. (obviously)
9. I haven´t been seriously ill since I left Tuxtla.
- true. I had a fever for like 12 hours a couple months ago, and diarrhea is a weekly occurrence, but nothing serious.
10. You can receive a remission of sins without baptism.
- false.  
11. A girl kissed my companion this week.
-true. haha. :) poor little guy, he felt so bad. 

11. The organ in the tabernacle is one of the 10 largest in the world.
12. The church publicates materials in more than 175 languages.

- umm, I really don´t know. I thought the organ was the 15th largest but I could be wrong. And last I checked the church publishes (haha publicate - you gotta love Spanglish) in 177 languages. 

The good news is that I wrote you a letter anyway mom and dad so we´ll see if that gets there before the second coming. 

Mom - Your email is hilarious!   Adiós mi querido M5.  I was glad to hear that the new owner came all the way from Toronto to pick her up.  That shows a dedication that I thought only Roths possessed toward their cars ha.  I hope the new owner looks forward to knowing his BMW mechanics on a first name basis like you do haha. 
I like what President Smith said about choosing to make positive assumptions about others.  It's a better way to live.  I´m a real believer in the virtue of choosing to be positive.  It's easy to see the flaws in your companion, but you can choose to forgive them and assume the best.  I also like to extend the idea to life in general.  As Joseph Wirthlin said, "come what may and love it."  There is just no reason not to be happy.  Just do it.  My mission has been very, very difficult but I decided to love it very early on.  And I do indeed love it. 

I´m jealous that you get to work in the temple!  You get to baptize all the people that slip though my fingers ha.  Thanks for your email.  I love you mom. 

Dad - The story of cutting down the loquat tree made me laugh out loud. Classic Richard Roth.  :)  I´m glad to hear my Cougars pulled it out against Houston.  And equally thrilled that the Jaguars are making history in their own special way. ha.
 1. Are there any holidays coming up that the Mexicans observe? 
- Halloween (which they pronounce with an emphasis on the first syllable)/Dia de los Muertos.  December 12th is El Dia de la Guadalupana.  What´s that you ask?  A day for worshiping maybe a bit more than usual and getting drunk a bit more than usual. 
2. You have mentioned the sad state of Church Music in meetings, how has this impacted your feelings on music in meetings?
-Music is essential.  Many defining spiritual moments in my life hae happened thanks to powerful music. 
3. Since your area is so small, do you walk it exclusively?  I have looked at YouTube videos and have seen the narrow streets and am just wondering how you get around
- Yeah we pretty much always walk. 
4. How many Books of Mormon have you given out in the last week?
-we had a tough time finding new investigators this week so not too many.  The average is about 10. 
5. What is your Ward building like?  How does it compare to the Penman building?  Are there multiple Wards meeting there?
- It's smaller.  There is no carpet.  There are no pews, just seats.  Only the chapel has a/c.  It's pretty, though.  2 wards meet there.  Vista Hermosa (the ward I was in 4 transfers ago) and Central. 
6. Is your mission growing?  the FL Jax mission now has 250 missionaries.  It used to be more like 150.
- Yes we went from about 140 to 190 missionaries.  There are a ton of new sister missionaries and now most of the wards in Tuxta Gutiérrez have 2 pairs of missionaries. 
Thanks for your email dad! I love you.

Steph - ha Ty and Ry are so cute!  You´ve got a bit over 9 months before I come home to cook up another haha.  Jokes.  I´m honored to see that my picture hangs in Tyler's room (though a bit out-sized by its frame haha). Also good to see that Tyler is being instructed in all the learning of his father (aka there is a Ferrari poster ha).  I am very very sure that Texas is not the same as Mexico, but if it makes you feel a connection to me keep thinking it.  :)  We had our primary program this week, it was awesome!  Kids are so funny.  Tom´s EQP is awesome!  haha just kidding.  I totally agree that the temple activity wins.  I´ll refrain from expressing my thoughts in this email, but you´ll hear them one day haha.  I don´t really need anything.  Some black socks would be nice.  Body-wash (don´t laugh, it doesn´t exist here. I´ve been using shampoo too long...).  Beef jerky is always welcome. (Wendy: but the customs officials will confiscate it!) and something to give my room a nice Texan accent.  :) Thanks Steph, say hi to T,T,R,C,and C for me. 

RAD - I hope all is well in beautiful Provo.  I love that place.  It's midterm time, right?  Enjoy your final year in the greatest place on earth.  Love you!

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