Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 75 - Is This Heaven? No, It's Coita!


Time is seriously starting to fly.  This is crazy.  Anyway, I am grateful for your emails,and prayers and such.  Things are going well - our investigators are awesome, as is my companion, as is my area, as is my district.  So that's good. 

I have been thinking a bit more about staying the extra transfer which has provided me some interesting experiences.  Obviously there are some apparent drawbacks - such as the long time before I can go  back to school, not being in Utah to see someone that I really really want to see, etc.  But every morning as I study I feel that I am making the right choice.  Everything I have ever read or listened to or taught says that missionary work is vital, life-changing and a privilege.  That we ought to put our trust in God and consecrate all that we have and all that we are to his service.  I don´t know what I´ll do when I get home but I´m sure it will all work out.  Plus, I've never heard anyone say, ´´my mission was great - I just wish I had gone home sooner...´´

Roy - I hope you are enjoying volleyball more than writing to your brother. :) ha.  Just kidding it's all good. Love ya.

Dad - You are way behind schedu.  haha.  It sounds like work is a bit rough right now, but hang in there - it will all be worth it.  Thank you for working so hard to support us.  I think I'll cash in on that hard work you do and buy myself some new shoes today haha. :)  You keep making it, I´ll keep spending it.  Just kidding.  Have fun with the rental - drive it like you stole it! ha. I love Mormon 6.  I´ve always thought it is the most poetic part of the Book of Mormon.  Oh ye fair could you?  But now you are gone, and I am left alone to mourn your loss.  Not even Shakespeare could write such a heart wrenching tragedy.  True indeed.  We can never depart. 

1. Compare and contrast your current missionary apartment to your last one.
     - my new one is better in every way.  It has a functioning bathroom, a gas stove, a couch, a chair to study in, a washing machine, it is not infested with cockroaches, it is clean, it is in a nice area, etc. 

2. Tell us what music you played in Church meetings this last week.
    This Sunday I played hymns number 40 ,120 and 26.  How Firm a Foundation, Jesus Once of Humble Birth and Come Ye Children of the Lord. In priesthood I played We Are All Enlisted

3. I know you can speak Spanish, but how much writing of Spanish do you do?
     A bit - I write my converts from time to time.  I write a letter to my Mission President every week, and a few other odd jobs.  It's really easy - I spell much better in Spanish than in English. ha

4. Describe the flora and fauna in your current area.
     Well, the city is devoid of nature.  But around us there are palm trees and pines and sawgrass and saint augustine.  Sound familiar?  haha.  Chiapas is very similar to Florida in that aspect - well, a very polluted, deforested, ruined Florida.

5. How many wild dogs did you see last week?
     How many emails do you have in your inbox at work...It's probably about the same number.

6. Did you ever get any sort of Christmas package, at all?
     Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full

7. Since the answer the previous question is probably no, can you ever forgive us?
     Of course, but only if you send me grits in my next package haha.  I have a hankering.

8. How many investigators are currently active in your pool?
     We have a ton, but right now we have 9 progressing investigators - which means they are reading, praying, going to church, and keeping other commitments.

9. Do you have an Area Book, or whatever they now call it?
     Yes - updating it is the worst part of being a missionary.  haha.  That and weekly planning.

10. Who do you pick in the Superbowl, Broncos or Seahawks?
     I´ve been humbled.  I can no longer bet against Payton Manning - he´s just too good. Broncos 31 - Seahawks 13.

<love you Dad.  Have a great week.

Mom - Wow, you put some serious preparation into your talks and lessons. I'm sure it was wonderful.  That is an excellent quote.
(I sent him this by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland: "And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people. (MATTHEW 4:23) He then went on to say: "We know the Savior to be the Master teacher.  He is that and more.  And when He says the bulk of the harvest yet lies before us and that there are far too few laborers, We immediately think of missionaries and others,… who need to teach.  But the call is for a certain kind of teacher, a teacher who in the process heals. 

I believe Christ wants our teaching to lead to healing of the spiritual kind”. 

“Rather than just giving a lesson, please try a little harder to help that blind (young adult) really see, or the deaf (woman) to really hear, or the privately lame (man) really walk.  …Try a little harder to teach so powerfully and so spiritually that you can take that (young adult, man or woman) who walks alone, who is overwhelmed by responsibility, who weeps in the dark of the night – can you unleash the power in the scriptures and the power in the gospel and “cleanse” that leper, a leper not of his or her making, a leper made by those on our right and on our left and sometimes by us?” 

It takes more than a scant knowledge of the scriptures and a superficial testimony to teach like the Teacher, and heal like the Healer.  Such blessings are reserved to those who truly follow him, who truly live His gospel and strive to be like Him.  That's what I try to do and that is what you succeed at doing. I´m glad you like that Elder Holland commentary.  I really like the natural man, natural resources one as well.  Love you Mom!

Andee Dawn - hahahahahahahaha Roy is so ridiculous.  haha.  To be honest I don´t remember My route Y id and all that. I´m like 94% sure that I wrote it down with the classes I want to take in Fall - Mom can check.  I´m so down to go visit you guys when I finish here.  I´m still hoping for Boston but I wouldn't be disappointed with Palo Alto. (which means high stick BTW) ha. But anyway - I´m glad to hear that you are enjoying Top Gear and school and surviving life with Roy ha.  It must be a party.  Love ya AD

Well, time nears it's eclipse.  I love you guys. 

Elder Roth

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