Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 76 - Hi


Well, it's been a good week here en Ocozocoautla.  I can´t think of anything too memorable to write you this week.  We had a conference with President Cardenas which was pretty sweet.  And we found some really cool people contacting.  I just love this place. 

Yesterday was interesting.  My companion and I were both sick.  haha, I guess that's one of the dangers of putting two gringos together.  We went to church, then we went back home to sleep.  Then at 6 we had a meeting in Tuxtla so we got our behinds out of bed and treked on down, then back.  We got home at 10 and just collapsed into bed.  It was rough.  Despite it all though, I´m happy to be here.  I consider it the best decision I have ever made in my life - I love being a missionary.

Thanks for your emails.  I love them.  I love you guys so much.

Andee - I can´t believe Roy's swing lows swing lower than that V.  There is no way he wears that in public haha.  Your superbowl feast sounds like it was excellent.  I remember when I went over to watch a BYU game and we made chili with velveeta cheese - and we all felt so sick haha.  Good times. I didn´t apply for a scholarship - but I´m pretty sure it said something about all returned missionaries being automatically applied.  It would be awesome if you found me an apartment for fall.  I would love that.  Good idea Roy.  (You don´t hear anyone say that too often.)  Roy and his fixations.  To be honest its a Roth family tradition.  We are all easily entertained.  Welp, love you Andee.  have a rocking week!

WendyMom - as dad calls you.  ha.   Why did you go to a laundromat?  You should try washing your clothes in a bucket one of these weeks - you´ll love it ha.  That is the most accurate slogan ever. ( "MEXICO, you've got to live it to believe it". You just can´t understand how funny it is to live here until you do it.  Nacho Libre comes pretty close though.  This week I was browsing though a stack of thousands of Liahonas in my church building and happened across a conference edition from 2001.  I read a talk from Julie B. Beck back when she was 1st counselor in the YW general presidency about Patriarchal Blessings - it was pretty awesome.  There is also a talk from President Faust about them. They are awesome.  I read mine quite often - and I´ve learned a lot from it. Its definitely helped me out during the mission.  Hope you´re enjoying the drive home.  I love you! 

Dad - Sounds like a bummer of a super bowl. I hope you can get all your work done and be home by Feb 14. 

1.  Do you do any door knocking, tracting or such?
     - No, we aren´t allowed to knock doors.  We have to find a way to work with the members.

2.  How about street approach?  What is your method?
     - We do lots of that though.  Our goal is 140 contacts per week.  It's really simple - you just go up to the people and talk to them.  Whatever comes to mind you just say it.  You don´t go in head long and say, ´´hey we´re missionaries!´´  There aren´t too many white guys walking around in shirt and tie in Coita.  People know we are missionaries.  So we just talk to them, apply some gospel principle to their lives, and ask if we can visit them in their homes.

3.  If I had not told you, would you have been aware it was Super Bowl Sunday?
     - Yeah, people watch it here too.

4.  What is the best thing you ate this week?
     - Alta seltzer haha.  just kidding.  Probably some fried chicken.  It's a little different here though.  You eat it with beans and tortillas.  It's good though.

5.  Do you realize it is the dead of winter?  Does it feel that way?
     -haha, no and no.  It was a bit hot this week.

6.  What is your favorite Disney movie?
     - one of the hardest questions ever.  I love them all.  The first one that comes to mind is the Lion King though.  

7.  What did you learn this week that is useful?
     - We had a conference with the mission pres and he said, "if you learn to dominate street contacts you will be able to dominate any aspect of your life." That's quite a promise.  I´m not afraid to talk to people anymore.  I love doing it.  I can invite anyone to listen to our message or be baptized and I just don´t worry about what they are going to think or say.  I think that is one of the most important things I learned this week.  Also I made a list of things I have learned on my mission this week.  I´ll send you one.  There are hundreds of things.

8.  What will you do the remainder of the day?
     - Buy food, do my laundry, and rest.  We aren´t feeling too great right now. :)

Love you dad!

Roy - Hey big brother.  I hope you have a good interview this week.  For some reason I thought of the University of Michigan this week.  Weird huh.  I love the apartment idea.  If not I can work with some migrant workers and live in a van down by the river .  It's all good.  Thanks for answering my question about your preferred major. You won´t be surprised to hear that I have no idea what I am going to end up studying (and I don´t ever think about it). I'm sure I´ll change my mind at least 10 more times before I actually figure out what I am going to do.  ha.

In other news I got my Christmas packages this week.  haha.  Thanks for all the goodies and such.  And I'm sure you think you´re so funny sending we the trowel and the wipes and all that.   haha. It sure made me chuckle.  I love you guys. 

Elder Clark Roth

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