Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 68 - Shreddin and Rippin

O beloved Family,

It's always a pleasure to hear from you.  Every one of you made me chuckle.  I´m glad to hear that things are going well in Florida and Germany - and I´m super jealous about the snow in Utah.  You guys are awesome.  This week was really good.  We baptized my favorite investigator ever, Fransisco.  We found him a couple weeks ago as we were looking for his sister, a former investigator.  He´s been solid from day one.  And now he´s baptized!  Life is good.

Mom - Unfortunately I know of no such service, nor do I know of missionaries here who need it.  I´m sure if you talk to a bishop or stake president they can hook you up with some names and addresses.  Its good to hear that you are enjoying the company of the "eww grosses".  ha.  Your new car is so sweet! so now it's M3 and 330?  Facsimile 2 is so legit, right?  ha - I spent far too much time trying to decipher what 9-22 mean haha.  I got to watch the First Presidency Devotional as well, and was likewise disappointed with the closing hymn.  But what can you do?  I really really liked Far, Far away on Judea´s Plains though.  I haven´t gotten any packages yet, but President Cardenas is making the journey down on Wednesday so he´ll bring it if it has arrived. Congrats on the new car, hope it serves you well.  Love you mom!

Daddio - Your report of the car situation made me laugh out loud haha. Hopefully you won´t end up carless. 

On to some questions:
1.  Are you taking good care of your grinders?
      - Of course.  haha. 

2.  Do you know that Florida State is the number 1 team in the country and will play #2 Auburn for the National Championship?
      - I had absolutely no idea.  That's cool though.  NO one plays football like the southeast. 

3.  How many investigators did you have at Church today?
     - None because today is Monday.  But yesterday we had 5.  The members helped us out by inviting them and bringing them.

4.  Are you and your companion the only missionaries in your Ward?
     - Yes. Vista Hermosa (the ward I was in before) has 2 sets - elders and sisters.  But dividing a 10 by 10 block area would be a bit tedious.  ha. 

5.  Did you know they got over 9 inches of snow in one storm in Provo, and it did not get above freezing for a couple of days?
     - Roy and Andee sent me the report and pictures.  Did you know that I am sweating as I write this? 

6.  How shall we arrange for your Christmas call this year? Do you remember the home phone number?
    - I´ll Skype you again.  Of course I remember the home phone number ha. 

7.  You read Jesus the Christ.  What other books are you allowed to read?
    - We can read the Standard Works (Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price) Jesus the Christ, Our Search For Happiness, True To The Faith, and Our Heritage. I´ve finished them all - except for the Old Testament.  I´m in 2 Kings. (but I only read it at night before bed.)

8.  How is you missionary sun tan coming along?  Arms nice and dark?
     - Worse than ever. It's seriously embarrassing. my arms and face aren´t really darker than before the mission, but the rest of my body has attained a glow above the brightness of the sun. 

9.  What does a missionary have to do, to need to have his toe nail removed?
    - In the case of my companion, run down a muddy slope, slip, kick a tree, and break your toe nail.  haha  That happened in his previous area, he had to get it removed again because it was infected.  Gross ha. 

10.  Want me to tell you what a molcajetes is?  It is a stone bowl.  We went to this really cool authentic Mexi restaurant in Norcross. I ordered this dish where the bring you food out in this molcajetes. It was heated up to about 1,000 degrees, so the stuff was boiling while it sat in front of you. It had cactus leaves in it. I think they were called nopaleras. It was good.
      - Right you are.  I had heard the word before but I forgot what it was. Sounds good.  I´ll tell you about all the funny stuff we eat on Christmas. 

11.  Tell me something interesting about your prayers this week?
     - Not technically a question but I´ll answer anyway :).  I try to focus on giving thanks rather than asking.  Doing so has made me realize more of the blessings that God bestows upon us each day.

Have a good week back it Atlanta.  I hope all goes well.  Love you dad.

Steph - Only Tom, only Tom. (BTW, I loved the gross wordplay).  Fransisco was baptized.  Estefany will be baptized the 22.  and Sabel is not the steph´s dad.  It's so so good to hear that Ryan is keeping the tradition of incessant thirst alive.  He´s a good kid.  ha.  I´m impressed that Tom can run 20 miles like that.  ha.  Especially when he only mentally prepares for  a 15k.  Have a good week.  You're a champ.

Roy and Andee - Time is short.  Thanks for the pictures Andee, I´m so jealous.  I know things like that would happen in the YSA ward - it warms my heart to hear of such delkhood.  Have a good last week and own your finals. You too, Roy.

And yes mom I got the debit card, thanks. 

Bueno.  Love you all.  Talk to you next week. 

Elder Roth 

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