Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Week 71 - I'm sexy and I know it


How`s life treating you?  This week was pretty amazing - alright really amazing.  Remember Roberto Alfaro?  He had been sick for the last few weeks and hadn`t been able to go to the chapel to get confirmed, so I talked with my mission president and he said if the bishop approved it, he could get confirmed in his house.  So we went on Christmas eve to confirm him.  2 days later - December 26th - he died.  Of course it was sad, but in reality he is finally able to rest from his excruciating illness.  The Lord left him here just long enough to do his essential ordinances, and then he let him rest.  It was a testimony to me that he knows us and is intimately involved in our lives. 

In other news...i´ve got nothing.  Things are going pretty well.  I´m happy, tired, sweating, and grateful for your prayers and letters.  Same as always. :)

It was great to talk to you on Christmas.  I still can`t believe that I speak English with a Mexican accent.  That's so cool haha.  The bad news is that I speak Spanish with an American accent.  I no longer have a mother tongue.  You all looked great and I´m glad you were able to spend Christmas together.  I can`t believe how fast the time went by, but it won`t be too long till Mothers Day. :) 

Dad - haha I hope your transfer in Norcross has been fruitful.  Bummer that the Cougars didn`t bring their A game.  I´m sure they´ll do better next year as I tell them what to do from the 44th row with a mouthful of nachos and some good facepaint.  I got to admit that I thought the Broncos were nuts for their contract with Payton Manning but they proved me wrong.

1.  What was it like talking to us?  Hard to understand our English?
      -A true pleasure.  No, its easy to understand English. 

2.  Do you have any tall buildings in your area?  What is the tallest?
      - not really.  There is one that`s probably about ten stories, but it is vacant.  The rest of the buildings max out at 4 stories.
3.  Do you have to climb many stairs?
      -almost never, but some people live on the second floor above a store or something like that.

4.  Does being close to BOM lands (at least as most people assume) have any impact on missionary work?
      - not really. I try to avoid the speculation and stick to the doctrine.
5.  What type of humanitarian work or service have you done recently.
      - we haven`t done anything on a large scale.  One of the nastiest things we`ve done recently is wash a woman´s dishes that she hadn`t touched in about 3 weeks.  The smell was so nasty and I came so close to throwing up. It took us over and hour to wash it all.  

6.  What are the three hymns that you play most frequently when you play?
     -probably Teach Me to Walk in the Light, and some of the sacrament hymns that we sing almost every week. 

7.  Do you get to talk to the Primary children much?
    - We´ve never gone to talk to them in the primary, but we talk with them in their houses.  They´re so funny and cute.  I love em.

8.  Remember how the Jax Beach Missionaries would teach a class at the church building each week?  Do you do anything like that?
     - no, no one here has ever had success with it. We have a hard enough time getting them to church on Sunday.

9.  What percent of your lessons have a member present?
    - about 50%. The goal is 100, but i`m happy if we have more member present lessons than other lessons.

10.  Do you make programs for your baptismal services?
    - umm, our bishop usually does it. nothing special, just some hymns some talks and some swimming.

Have a great week dad, I love you.

Mom - Ha I don`t think of myself as Clark anymore.  I think ´´Elder Roth.´´  If someone called me Clark it would be really weird.  Elder Bednar is my hero (well one among many).  I think it would be difficult to have intelligence without understanding, but can be done to a certain extent.  I think the Lord is more even more merciful than we sometimes imagine him to be.  And we must remember that of us it is required to forgive all men.  I try very hard to not judge the faults of others because I know that Lord has forgiven me of serious faults and know he will do the same with the faults of others. I love you mom!

Roy and Andee - I hope you enjoy your week in Kansas.  Its a shame you can`t go to Colby and eat some authentic Mexican food in Taco Johns haha. On an unrelated note - I realized after our Skype call that Roy`s question if I had gotten any good at basketball actually makes sense. haha.  My bad.  I thought it was one of Roy´s more delkish moments, but as it turns out I`m the delk.  Love you guys!

Estefany - Do you like the Spanish version of your name?  The whole Skype call was a highlight for me :)  A Mexican Christmas can`t match the awesomeness of an American Christmas but it was pretty good.  I hope you enjoy Monster Jam and the BCS national championship. :)  That sounds so fun.  I`m short on time, sorry Steph. Have a great week. 

Love you guys.

Elder Roth

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