Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 81 - Life is Wonderful

That is the prettiest car I have ever seen. Congratulations Dad. :) Well, I´ve got good news and baddish/good news. The good news is that this week was awesome! Our members are helping us out so much and yesterday was just an awesome Sunday. The baddish news is that Elder Shelley just got transferred. He is going to Pijijiapan, where he will sweat more than he ever has. I´m going to train a new missionary but I don´t know who it is yet. I´m really excited about that, it will be great. 

Thanks for your emails. I always look forward to them. 

Dad - You made a good choice on that car. It's awesome that Dunn Avenue has so many missionaries- I seem to recall the Jax Beach ward having 10 missionaries at one point, but 12 is unheard of. We are so far behind on the technology. But I won´t complain - we are doing some good work here. I hope the Xpedex project goes well and doesn´t require the self denial you put yourself though in January and February. 

1.  What are some of your recent favored scriptures?
     -that's tough. One of my favorites is Alma 26:22. We have been using that one with the members to help them realize their potential to bring souls to Christ - all they have to do is have faith, pray, repent, and do good works; and they can bring thousands of souls to salvation. Not bad.
2.  How is Mexico different than you anticipated while in the MTC?
     - haha in every way. It's tough to answer that because I really don´t remember what I was expecting in the MTC. But it's poorer, hotter, and better haha :)

3.  Tell us about an investigator you are currently working with?
     - We found a guy named Jeremias this week. He is really really humble and just wants to learn. We invited him to get baptized in the first lesson and he accepted without a second thought. He is really cool.

4.  What sights and sounds are around you today?
    - Same as always. Street vendors, Vespas without mufflers, horns, etc.

5.  Are you still using your Unisource bucket, or any bucket?
    - ha! The Unisource bucket isn´t mine. But yes I´m using buckets often - I still use them for laundry sometimes, they are my mop buckets, trashcan, etc.
Have a great week Dad. I love you!

Mom - That sounds like an awesome baptism. There are so many good people in the world just waiting to hear us open our mouths. Sorry I don´t have much time to respond today. But I love you! Tell Sheila that I got her package this week and send her a ´´thank you´´ for me. :)

Roy - Congrats again. I got your Christmas card - you and AD are the best. I hope that what I have said plays absolutly no role in your decision process. haha. Have a good week. Love you bro.

AD - Thanks for reminding Roy to write me this week. You're making my mouth watering just by mentioning Cafe Rio´s salads. They are so good. I have no idea where I want to live or anything like that. Perhaps next week I´ll know... Root for my cougars! Love ya AD.

Well, time's up. 

I love you guys!

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