Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week 82 - My Week Alone


It's been a crazy week. But a good crazy. Here´s the 6 sentence run down. On Tuesday Elder Shelley headed of to Pijijiapan - after he left they told me that my companion wasn´t here yet so I spent the rest of my day with the zone leaders. On Wednesday I worked with a returned missionary from the branch and we had an awesome day, at 7 I had to start back to Tuxtla so I could sleep in the ZL´s house. Thursday - Work with another RM, elders from Cintalapa come to take me back to their area. Friday - Work in Cintalapa, do a couple of baptismal interviews for them, sleep in Cintalapa. Saturday - come back to Ocozolandia, work with a youth from the ward, he leaves me, find another person to work with me, sleep in my house with another Young man from the ward. Sunday - Wake up at 5:15, go to Tuxtla, pick up my new companion, miss church (oops), go to a different ward´s meetings, come back to Coita. 

Pretty crazy right? I´m pretty tired now - I´ve traveled a lot, slept on the floor 4 nights in a row, but now all is well. My new companion is Elder Stephens, from Las Vegas. He´s cool - we are excited to work together and should have lots of success. He already speaks Spanish fairly well, but he has a hard time understanding people. He´ll pick it up quick though. We are going to trabajar como negros. haha. (thats not racist in Spanish...) :)

Thanks for the emails. 

Dad - Bummer about the car. One question: does the gas pedal click when you floor it? haha. I would have done the same thing - you ruin the wheels, you ruin the car. I hope all goes well in Atlanta today. That sounds like a really good topic for a talk. I remember you telling me that you never really learned how to pray until you were a Bishop. I know exactly what you mean now - I've truly learned to pray as a missionary. I´ve also learned a billion other things - the mission has been good to me. The transfers were indeed unexpected - but I guess that's the way it goes. 

1.  What chapter of PMG did you spend the most time with this week and what did you learn from it?
    Umm - I spent time in a few - We did our district meeting about chapter 1 and chapter 7 (Our Missionary Purpose and How to Learn the Language - which I had never taught nor heard in any prior meeting.) But we have some new missionaries in the district that need help with the language so I taught it. I also spent some time in chapters 3, 4 and 6.

2.  Tell us of something good you were able to do on Sunday.
      Pick up my companion. Let me tell you, its tough without a compy. New missionaries may feel somewhat useless but they really help more than they imagine. We also got to teach some lessons and talk with our Branch Pres. It was a good Sunday.

3.  When do you get your new companion?  Already have him? If yes, tell us about him.
     See above :)

4.  How is your language study?  How much are you progressing?  How much staying the same?  How is the accent?
      Language study can get a bit tedious sometimes, but now with a new companion it's a bit more exciting - more than anything I´m just helping him out. I´m progressing a bit still, but not very quickly anymore. My accent is pretty good. 

5.  What can we do do help you in your efforts to Preach The Gospel?
     I love what President Uchtdorf taught. Lift where you stand. The best thing you can do to help me is help the missionaries in the ward - give them referrals, go teach with them, befriend their investigators, etc. The members here are helping me tons.

Yeah, we had carnival.  It was awful. Nobody actually likes it - its just more trash, more drunk people, and more danger than usual. 

Love you Dad. Have an A Number 1 Super Winner week.

Carly - What a joy it is to hear from you. I´m glad you enjoy the emails and I really am so happy. Wow that was fast! I hope you can stay in Florida - it is after all the best state ... well maybe. Thanks for your prayers and your missionary efforts. Love ya.

Mom - Wow, I love the insight in the feeding of the 5000. I had never seen it like that before. But it's the truth. I am so so glad to hear that you have been talking with Isaac. I pray for him often. One little adage I´ve made myself in the mission is: ´´I believe in the prodigal son.´´ I have seen so many people, who have ruined their life with riotous living, ´´come to themselves.´´ People are good - we are children of God and the sparks of divinity are within us. I believe that most people do come to themselves and I love it when they do. There is a video with Elder Holland called, ´´The Other Prodigal Son´´ - it's awesome. Anyway. I love you mom! You are the best mother I have ever had! haha :)

Andee - You´ve married a lunatic. And tell that bum to write me! haha. I´m glad you enjoyed your week and were able to laugh at Roy. You say that I have more important people to write...do you realize that normally only you, Mom and Dad email me? haha. You´re hilarious. 

Well, time is up. Love you all ! 

Elder Roth

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