Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 84 - Ocozocoaulta, Ocozocoaulta

Dearest family,

:) Life is good.  Sorry for the short email last week, this week I´ve got more time.  This week was a bit tough - but I´m tough too, so that's ok.  We had a baptism fall through and most of our appointments went through as well.  We probably walked about 8 miles both Saturday and Sunday.  But no worries - I'm still all smiles ha.  This week two sister missionaries are coming to our area.  So we had to split it.  As it turns out our half is fairly devoid of investigators, so we´ll be working on that a bit this week. 

Thanks for your emails.

Mom -  I'm glad you and dad are together in PVB.  It seems like these last few months you have spent alot of time apart.  I´ll be staying here in Ocozocoautla another transfer - hopefully 3 more transfers.  I really like it here, the members are awesome! :)  Thanks for working out the housing situation for me.  I really had no idea about any of it.   ha. I love the parable of the prodigal son - I never get tired of reading it.  I´ll do my best to spread the love haha.  I´m always trying to be the type of missionary that you hope I am.  Love you Mom!

Dad - About 85% of your emails mention your ´´support´´ that you give me by eating Mexican food.  haha.  You crack me up.  Next time you go to a mexi restaurant ask the guys there where they are from. There are a ton of Chiapanecos in the United States (most of the Mexican's there come from southern Mexico given that it is poorer than northern Mexico.) To be honest the food here isn´t anything like the food in Mexican restaurants - it's better there :). 

1.  What is the status of your camera?  Have you taken many photos?
     I really don´t take many pictures at all.  Sorry.  But I have the goal of sending you at least one picture each week from now on. 

World's Best District

World's Best Companion
 I seriously love Elder Shelley so much! 
Being with him was like having Roy as my mission companion - 
a constant party both spiritually and otherwise. 

2.  How long since your last dose of de-wormer?  What is the status of your gullet?
      Too long...Murphy doesn´t have anything on me in the gas department.  I really am looking forward to the next de-worming pill they send us.

3.  Do you use videos much in your teaching?
     No - lots of people don't have DVD players. And of those that do, about 98% of them don't have the control so you can't change the language.  It's really frustrating.

4.  I understand an investigator should attend 5 times to show a pattern for baptism. What percent of your investigators attend at least once, but do not attend five times?
     Most investigators that go once keep going. The trick is the first time. 

5.  What is the air quality like in Ocozoco?
      Better than Tuxtla. There is lots of dust and there are no emissions standards so it's a bit not ideal ha. It could be worse though, I could be in Mexico City. 

That's so awesome that Roy sunk the putt.  I was wondering when Steven went home and when Michael left.  That's so awesome!  Congrats to both of them!  The next package you send me will probably be the last considering that they sometimes take 2 or 3 months to get here.  My only request is instant grits.   haha. And any other food you can manage to get me that doesn't exist here.  I shop in a convenience store so the selection is super limited.  Love you Dad!

AD - Have a great time in Palo Alto!  haha Eayden is hilarious.  And Roy is such a delk.   ha. Remember how Roy destroyed my laptop... haha.  Hopefully he´ll protect this one a bit better.  Love ya AD!

Steph - Ty and Ry look like twins.   ha. You are a great mom for taking them to the temple. I cherish my memories of youth temple trips more than almost anything else.  Keep on taking them!  Have a great week.  Love ya!

Till next Monday,

Elder Clark Roth

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