Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 92 - A Sunny 99 with 99% Humidity :)


Thanks for writing me today. They are going to buy my plane tickets home this week. I seriously cannot believe how fast time has gone by. The good news is that I still have a some time left - and I´m going to use it wisely :) The mission is just the best thing ever. Sure, it's insanely hot, and I´ve had diarrhea since Easters but it's good for the soul. haha. 

Mom - Thanks for the picture haha. I was a cute little kid...I don´t know what happened. :) Testimonies do indeed have a short shelf life. That's what part of Alma 32 is about. Sure, you can test the seed and find that it's good - but unless you keep nourishing it it's never going to yield fruit. You´ve gotta be constant about it. I hope you enjoy your trip to California! I love you Mom!

Dad - The pictures where excellent! That's a pretty garage! 

1.  What Chapter of PMG have you found most useful to you, over the last two months?
     -That's a tough one. 1, 4, 6, 9, and 10 are my favorites. If I had to pick only one it would have to be chapter 1. It teaches who you are and who you have the potential to become. I think it's hard to beat a good lesson on human potential. 

2.  What is a food delicacy in your particular area?
     - As for Arriagan cuisine there is nothing even kind of good haha. But guess what!? We have a toaster in our house!!! This is the first toaster I´ve had on my mission. I ate an entire loaf of toast last week. And I plan on doing it again this week haha. I´m addicted.

3.  Tell us of something interesting you did Sunday.
      - Well it doesn´t get more interesting than our church meetings. 

4.  As you are walking around daily, looking for people, what are the people on the street that you see doing?
     - Usually, Drinking, sweeping the street in front of their house, or walking to the store.

5.  How close are you to the Pacific Ocean?  Can you see it?  Smell it?
    - Not super close, but there is a big hill in our area from which we can see it. I can´t smell it above the smell of my own BO. ha

6.  Is there much farming or agriculture in your area?
     - Yep, bananas, mangos (lots and lots of mangos), watermelon, corn, etc.

7.  How big, in physical size, is you area?
     - Pretty big. We have all the outskirts of Arriaga (or as my companion described it all the parts that you want to avoid at night. haha) So we have a geographically large area. If I had to estimate how much we walk daily I´d probably say about a bagillion miles :)

8.  Tell us about a current investigator.
      - SaraĆ­ is the coolest!  She has made enormous family sacrifices to accept the gospel. Her baptismal date is for the 7th of June. She is so awesome! 

9.  Did you get my pictures?

 Love you dad!

RAD - just in time. I hope Ingrid is back to full health. :) About the whole studio apartment thing - I wish you guys could have seen my house in Tapachula. One room (Yep, the bathroom was just kind of off to the side and there was no door) no windows, no closets, etc. It was totally wicked dude! (with the voice of the kid from The Incredibles). haha. I hope your move goes smoothly. When do you leave happy valley? Love you guys!

Steph - A Seventy (I forgot who...does this sound like a good introduction to dodgy doctrine or what!?) once said, ``When you have to choose between two good choices pick the harder one.´´ I love that. Hard things are good for you. Thanks for your email. Love ya. 

Well that's about all I´ve got. Love you guys!

Elder Roth

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