Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 32 - A Slammin' Semana Santa (Easter Week)


Welp, we had another great week here in Tapachula...kinda haha.  No seriously it was good, but missionary work can be pretty tough some times.  We had an investigator named Ángel, who has had a rough life.  He is addicted to drugs, and worships some kind of idol, but he accepted us and was keeping all of his commitments and progressing really well.  We passed by his house this Sunday to go to church with him and he told us that he didn´t want us to come anymore.  He said that he either had to choose between following Christ or following his idols and that he had chosen his idols.  I walked away with tears in my eyes and felt pretty devastated.  But that's how it goes sometimes.  Luckily the rest of the day went pretty well.  Its a roller coaster ride for sure. 

I´m glad to hear that you enjoyed your Easter Sunday.  You might be surprised to know that there is absolutely no difference here on Easter Sunday.  The whole week is called la semana santa, but by Sunday it seems that no one really cares anymore.  Pretty sad. 

Wow, I sound really whiny!  Don´t worry about me, I´m doing better than ever and loving life! :)  Its a joy to be a missionary.  (That reminds me...there is a hymn in the Spanish hymnbook that doesn´t exist in English, its called Placetero nos es Trabajar [Its a Pleasure for us to Work] and it totally rocks.) anyway...

Well I´ll get on to your emails :)

Dad - 
1. From the map it looks like you must be in the southernmost district in Mexico, true?
 - There are two stakes in Tapachula, Mexico and Izapa. I´m not sure which one is farther south, but either way I am in the deep south haha. 
2.  What Ward are you in?
- My ward is called Vista Hermosa. Its pretty awesome.
3.  Have you seen the Pacific Ocean?
- Negative. They told me that its about 45 minutes away.
4.  How are you finding investigators?
-We work a ton with the members to get referrals (that is the hardest word to remember in English).  We also contact in the street and do some activities like movies in the church. But I think I´ll try to get a bit more creative and follow the example of Kel´s MTC teacher. haha (his different contacting techniques (he served in Spain) included walking around neighborhoods and asking people where Juan lived (because you could always count on a Juan living on any given street), sitting next to a native on the bus, pulling out your Spanish PMG, BOM, or a pamphlet and asking them to help you read it (basically play dumb but then you get caught if they ask if you can come over and teach them and then they figure out that you do speak Spanish, like really well. Ha!)
6.  How hard is it to get to know the Ward Members names?
- Its a bit of a challenge here because everyone has really strange names haha.  I´m starting to get them down though.
7.  Walking, bus, collectivo, other?
- A ton of walking, a bit of collectivo, and when we´re lucky we ride in the bed of the members trucks.
8.  Out house?
- no, in house. Thats why the house smells something fierce. Its really pretty funny.  If Roy were here we would definitely mess with each other on the can all the time, given that there is no door, and it is connected to the kitchen. haha, I´ll send you a picture one of these days.
9.  Have you been eating well?
 - Yes! Mexican food is so good!
10.  Where will you view General Conference?
-In our stake center. We get to go to the the Sunday sessions only though :(

Mom - I can´t believe you only have 3 more institute lessons!  Wow the school year has flown on by.  I´m glad to hear that you guys are enjoying Sabine.  I´m a bit jealous haha.  And I can only imagine the pride that has filled your heart upon being the daughter of a genuine show car champion from the bustling metropolis of Toquerville.  That´s going on the tombstone for sure haha. :)  Thanks for the Mikele update. I love you!

AD - Thanks for writing me!  Tell Roy he´s a bum haha.  Jokes.  My bike advice would be one of the sweet tricycles that they have in Nacho Libre. If you want I can buy you one, there are millions of them here.  haha.  Thanks for the Elder Bednar quote, I always enjoy your spiritual thoughts.  Have a good one!

Steph - Ty and Ry are the best.  They might even be connected at the delk. (if you don´t know what that means, feel free to ask Roy :) ) I´m jealous to hear you bought a house with a pool.  To be honest I miss swimming, and being here in Tapachula isn´t helping haha.  Keep up the good work with the quotes for the kids.  That's awesome.  Teach them - yo sé que Dios me ama :) (I know God loves me) Have a wonderful week.

Well, have a fantastic week.  I know this church is true and that the atonement is real.  I know that there is unmatched happiness to be found when we put off the natural man and serve the Lord with all our heart.  I would that you should consider on the blessed and happy state of those who keep the commandments of God. (Mosiah 2:41)  Its the only way . I know it.

I love you all.  So much.  God be with you,

Elder Clark Roth

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