Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 34 - HMMM Pancita de Res!

Its Clark.  Well, things are going pretty well in Vista Hermosa.  Unfortunately, we went to a different internet place today, and I am using the most pathetic keyboard ever.  But other than that life is pretty good.  Before I forget, I´ve got to tell you about what I ate this week.  Ready...Pig Stomach soup!  HMM! Haha its pretty disgusting, its a nice florescent orange color and tastes like...not good.
I´ll be honest, I´m a bit disappointed that no one made a comment about my scout camp comment last week.  haha.  I wish you guys could see how true it is haha.  At least 10 times a day I say to myself, ´´man, I wish my parents could see this.¨  Stuff like cows walking in the street, chickens jumping in my lap while I´m teaching a lesson, combis, etc.  My life is pretty hilarious. haha :)
So I suppose I´ll give you a bit of a rundown of my ward.  Its a lot different than my ward in TXG.  We have an attendance of about 70 every week, and probably have about 7000 inactives.  Our bishop has been bishop for 24 years now, and does a good job.  There are certainly some good members but there is a good bit of shirking as well.  (Roy knows the solution to the shirking problem...shoot the polluters) haha, I love prof Kearl.  Anyway, my companion and I are throwing it desires as they say in Spanish (échele ganas) and trying to change things up a bit.  Its a pretty big challenge really, and the work is suffering a bit here, but its making us better missionaries and we´ll just keep doing our best.
Andee - Thanks for the rundown. I´m glad to hear my boy ripped it up during basketball season. I´m so jealous you got to see Nate Austin, a real life dinosaur. haha. Keep on Rockin Andee!
Roy - I hope you´ve learned in your abstract algebra class how to prove that its impossible to solve that chinese checkers problem.  I read the proof last year and understood a solid .83%.  One of the only things I really miss here is going to the temple every week.  Its the best!  I´m glad you're enjoying John, I recently finished it (I read the New Testament when we are in a lunch appointment and are just waiting for the food.)  Its for sure good stuff.  BTW the scriptures are better in English, but don´t tell the Mexicans...
Mom - Keep on Rocking! I think I´ll always remember Elder Bednar's talk about The Tender Mercies of the Lord.  His story about the hymn selection was awesome.  I have always remembered Roy´s comment about the hilarious misquote, ´´I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.´´ haha.  He said in Matthew 13 the Lord says that his yoke is easy, and his burden light.  I think about that when times are tough.  Its certainly true that life isn´t easy for a disciple of Christ, but I know that the Lord strengthens the back that carries the load.  I love you Mom!  Keep up the good work!  And thanks for the Mikele update, a shortened version is certainly acceptable!
Dad - Thanks for your emails dad.  I had forgotten that Baseball season has come again...sad.  I love baseball.

1. Tell us about a current investigator.
-Right now all of our investigators are struggling a bit.  We have one named Noé David.  He is catholic, but knows its not true.  He said he was afraid to ask if the Book of Mormon is true because he doesn´t want to find out that he has been wrong all of this time.  haha.  But he said he would do it. Unfortunately he has been out of town for a little bit, so we haven´t seen him, but we should see him tomorrow.  He´ll be baptized no doubt haha.
2. What is your favorite food in Tapachula?
- uhh, hamburgers... a member bought us some hamburgers and they were so good. I´ve gotta admit that Mexican food is quickly loosing its appeal for me haha.

3. What is different about Tapachula than TXG?
-the church isn´t as strong here. And its way humid haha.  Oh, there is green stuff here, like trees and grass which is a nice change.  In almost every other ways its pretty much the same :)

4. Where is your companion from?
-He is from Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico. He´s a hoot. haha. I love him and he is a fantastic missionary. :)

5. How can the Ward help the Missionaries?
-Visit inactives and reactivate them, befriend the investigators that come to church, ask the missionaries, they can help you (elder nelsons talk), give rides,share the gospel with friends, go with the missionaries to teach, read live and love Preach my Gospel, etc.  You guys are going a great job in preparing missionaries and supporting the ward.  Don´t be afraid to invite people to listen to the missionaries :)
Well time is running short.  I love you guys a ton.  Have a wonderful April 15, 2013; there will only be one in your whole life.  Smile, Laugh, and Keep on Trucking.
Elder Roth
PS. Sorry for the lack of pictures recently, I´ll make it up to you soon.  Bye! 

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