Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Week 36 - I Can Dig Tropical, But This Is Outta Bounds!

Buenos Días from the devil´s sauna!
Well, we had a great week, as always :)  The keen reader of my blog may have recognized that it has been six weeks from the last time I was transferred.  Which means we got transfer calls this morning.  I´ll be staying here in Vista Hermosa, and my compy is heading to Oaxaca (a tiny little part of the state is in our mission.)  I´m not sure who is going to be my companion, but I suppose I´ll figure that out by tomorrow morning.
I´m not sure if you guys have heard of the stone that supposedly is an engraving of Lehi´s dream, but its here in Tapachula. 
Look it up on Google!  I´m legitly in Book of Mormon land!

Izapa Stela 5

Umm, I really don´t have to much to report so I guess I´ll answer your emails...
Dad -  Bienadventurado eres!  Few mortal eyes have seen the astonishing glory of the Beaches ward´s basketball team.  I´m glad you got to reflect on the glory days there for a moment haha.  

Are you getting tired of my incessant questions every week? 

Of course I don´t get bord (sorry the ´´e´´ and ´´l´´ on my keyboard hardly work) of your questions.  I don´t know what I would write in these emails if you didn´t give me some material. 
1.  Do you get to play the piano much?
-In this ward I play the piano every week. The members are pretty easy to please, someone told me I play like the organist during General Conference. haha. 
2.  Do you get to sing much?
-I try to avoid singing because words cannot describe the level of tone-deafness in this country haha.  Obviousy I sing in church though. 
3.  I have considered you to be very knowledgeable of the scriptures. How have you been able to use that as a Missionary?
-In terms of scripture knowledge  it certainly helps, but its not really all that useful to be honest.  No one has ever presented me a question that I can´t answer with a scripture, but usually I just tell them to pray and ask God if the Book of Mormon is true rather than bash. 
4.  Do you think your year at BYU made you a better missionary?
-Did my year at BYU help me become a better missionary?  Absolutely!  I learned so much there and love my memories that I formed there.  That said, with the lowering of the age requirement for missionaries, I would encourage every young man to serve as soon as possible.  Nothing compares to a mission. 
5.  What can we do to help you?
-I´m doing great. The only things you can do to help me are to keep writing me, help the missionaries out in the ward, and keep on rocking! :)  

hahaha I laughed out loud at the Karl Pilkington comments. (Here's what Rick wrote: I can report back on what Karl Pilkington had to say about Mexico. He said he quite liked it. He said it might be his favorite place. He said there did not appear to be any rules, that the people just did whatever they wanted. He liked that. He said the women we quite big. He admired that they ate whatever they wanted. Not like Suzanne, who wouldn't order the chips with the haddock. But then she would want to eat some of his. He said his only disappointment was that he didn't get to see any Mexican Jumping Beans.   Now, that is wisdom direct from Karl.) They are spot on. There are just no rules here. haha. They need to have a Top Gear special here.  They´re challenge could be to work as drivers for the combis and see who makes the most money.  It would be classic! haha.  

I don´t remember the church songs to popular music tunes, but I´m fine with it. haha.  You just gotta laugh at the ridiculous stuff Mormons do sometimes. :) Love you dad, have an a number one super winner week!
Mom - Tell RAD that they are bums, 4 days of vacation and they didn´t even write me.  haha.  No I can´t complain, I may have been less than 100% on writing to Roy haha. 

 (Andee-Dawn and Roy made us some authentic Mexican food last night.  We had pinto beans, (I made Spanish rice - supposedly a recipe used by Pancho Villa, but that's totally iffy) and what she called red chili, which is a little ground beef, browned and stirred until it's very fine.  Then you add some flour to the undrained meat, and add chili powder.  Then you add water and stir until it is a gravy like consistency.  We ate the three with tortillas.  Have you ever had anything like that?) 
-As for the food, I haven´t had anything like that.   It sounds really really good though. Down here poor people food is caldo (broth).  Throw in  a chicken leg and some vegetables eat it with tortillas.  It tastes pretty good (its what we eat about 50% of the time) but having hot broth in weather like this is pretty killer.  

You didn't answer my questions last week about how your shoes are holding up, and if you have ever had occasion to wear the boots yet...
-My shoes are doing fairly well so far, especially the Eccos.  In May the rainy season starts, and the roads are pure mud, so I´ll be breaking out the boots soon.  Thanks for the Kel update as always. haha  I´ll never forget my first days in the mission field.  To say they were joyful would be a lie haha. But its all good memories now, life has improved haha.  Keep on rocking!  You are certainly fighting the good fight.  Love you Mom. 
PS. Mother´s day is coming up! :)
Kel - KEL!!!! Big news this week!  I was riding in the combi and the Thrift Shop song came on.  I laughed so hard when I thought of you innocently looking up the lyrics.  Your analysis (the opposite of clean) is quite accurate.  And oh yeah, I´ve got a bone to pick with you! haha.  Were you trying to torture me when you sent me a card that I had to open on August 15, 2013!  How do you expect me to wait 4 months to read your letters! haha  Brace yourself because payback is coming :)  I love you Kel!  Words cannot describe how jealous I am to hear that David Archuleta is your zone leader!  I´m 98% positive that I love him more than you Aly and Lauren combined haha.  Don´t worry to much about your Spanish, you´ll be just fine!  I love you!  Have a smashing week!
Well time is short. I love you all.
Elder Roth

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