Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 35 - Everyday I'm Shufflin'

We had a rocking week this week!  Before I forget I´ve gotta tell you about our Bishop's method of street contacting haha.  On Saturday morning we went with him for about 2 hours.  As we rode around in his sweet 1989ish Mazda MPV he would occasionally stop and contact someone.  Here are some of the highlights.  (Stops and talks to a 10 year old kid.)  Hey, what's your name? (kid responds), (Bishop pauses for a second), wanna be a Mormon?  (kid just looks dumbfounded, Bishop drives away) haha.  Another one: asks some kids leaving the tortilleria.  ¿are there still tortillas? (respond) Bishop: ok, and how can we arrange for the missionaries to baptize you? haha. Classic stuff.

Anyway, just so you know my life is pretty much the funniest thing ever.  I´m living a cross between Nacho Libre and The Best Two Years.  Yesterday in a lesson (with chickens jumping all over me, as usual) they gave us some nasty, pero (dog) nasty water.  My companion asked the investigator to read a paragraph, we look at each other, laugh silently, and pour out our water on the floor right as he is finishing the paragraph.  We had to ask him to read another so we could have so time to compose ourselves and keep from laughing haha. That's teaching by the Spirit right there...

A totally sweet teddy bear in a members house.

I´m stoked to hear the Braves are dominating, when I can´t watch them... its all good though.  This is a bit more important than baseball. 

Well, on to answering your emails:

Dad: haha we moved this week to a new house, so the mid kitchen bathroom is no longer part of my nightmares.   We have a legitimate bathroom and everything now.  Most people have toilets without water tanks, so you use a bucket full of water to wash down your business haha.  Its really not to bad, as long as you don´t get splashed...ughhh haha. 

1. Tell us about the area where you live.  Is it in the town, on the outskirts, etc.?
-I live in a colony called Porvenir.  Its right on the outskirts of downtown Tapachula.  Its a pretty nice place to live, but words cannot describe my hatred for the hills and ridiculously inefficient road layout. haha. 

2. Tell us something you have learned in the last week.
-I learn so much everyday but I´ll try to pick something interesting.  My companion told me that his trainer (Elder Mabey) spoke so well that if you were talking with him on the phone you wouldn't know he wasn´t a Mexican.    So I´ve been working on trying to achieve that level of domination of the language.  Perhaps more than I ought to.  Well, the other day I had a dream (don´t go off complaining that I´m a visionary man haha) I talked with Elder Mabey and asked him how to speak better.  The only thing he told me was: repent, and teach by the Spirit.  Then I woke up.  Now I know for sure that the gospel is not taught in Spanish or English.   Its taught by the Spirit, or it isn´t taught at all.  There are so many examples in the scriptures that confirm that.  Moses and Enoch were both slow of speech and two of the greatest prophets the world has ever seen.  They knew how to teach by the Spirit, and they worked miracles. 

3. I know that your work is mostly with the poorer classes of people, those are usually the ones that are seeking a change, but are there wealthy people around too?
- yes but I don´t know where haha. I´ve seen some pretty expensive cars, but I´ve never seen a house to match it.  I don´t understand. haha.

4. Do you have an address?  If so, I can look it up on Google.
-I´ll get back to you next week on that one.

5. Do most people have cell phones?  You know the richest man in the world (or nearly richest) is a Mexican that controls the cell phones in Mexico.
-everyone has cell phones and the worlds worst pay as you go plan.  No one ever has money in their account, and even if they do they are too cheap to call us or respond to our texts haha.  I don´t blame them though.

pre eaten fish

post eaten fish. Pretty good, the gills are a bit sandy though haah

Mom - Holy moly!  I cant believe Kel is going to Chile today.  I can´t say that I want to repeat the first two months of my mission in Mexico, but looking back they made me better.  Man they were tough though. haha.  Good luck teaching Revelation.  As I recall Joseph Smith said it was perfectly clear to anyone filled with the spirit of revelation...guess that means I don´t have it. Because I understand a solid 7% of it.  Have a killer week! in a figurative sense. :)

Steph - The videos did not come though... bummer. But thanks for thinking of me. I hope Ty and Ry are doing well and driving you crazy!

AD - You are taking your exams as I write this I assume.  I hope they go well, I´m praying for you.  Thanks for the weekly update, its always good for a chuckle. 

Roy - Once again your class schedule has filled me with envy.  I think I´d go for numerical methods if I were you but advanced probability sounds pretty good too.  Take math 485 if you can!  I would be honored if you used one of my unicycles to injure yourself body and spirit playing unicycle polo! haha.  You have my 100% approval.  Wow!  How I am missing the BYU men's volleyball team!  ahh! haha 

Its all good. Have a rocking week!

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