Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 33 - Oh My Goodness!....


Well another week has passed.  Sadly I was only able to go to the Sunday morning session of General Conference and am therefore fairly ignorant to some of your references, but all is well.  Yesterday was a bit rough.  We have been working like crazy and doing everything we can to help people keep their commitments, and sometimes they just don´t do it.  In the ten hours that we had to listen to the voice of the living prophets, we could only get 3 people to listen.  But I know I did my best, and I´ll just keep doing my best.

Anyway, life is really good.  I discovered this week that sometimes I don´t pronounce the letter E like it should be pronounced, so I´ve been working on that in my language study.  I feel like my brain is going to explode haha.   But that's how it goes.  I had a couple funny thoughts on my walk to the ciber. First of all, someone asked me if I would be willing to live in Mexico after my mission.  Its a bit of a tough question to answer.  I mean I love Mexico, in a certain way it has become another home to me.  But when I´m a bit more cynical I realize that the living conditions are those of a slightly sub-par scout camp haha.  The second is that I wish there was a wonder here so that Carl Pilkington could come and give a good commentary of the Mexican culture. I assure you it would be hilarious.  These people crack me up haha.  I love em though. :)

I got 3 packages this week!!!!!  Thanks Mom, Amanda, Grandma, Randy, Sheila, and Kel!  I loved the letters and am enjoying the food, aloe, and  ridiculous stuff you give me haha. 

Well to respond to your emails:

Dad - I looked up ¨These Things I Know¨  I love President Packer!   No doubt that that man knows! 

Like he said a few conferences ago about Jesus Christ... "of him I bear witness; of him I am a witness."  Man he is awesome!

1. Where did you watch conference? 
- In our stake center, with air conditioning!!!
2. En Espanol or English? 
- In Espanish :) The only problem is that I don´t get to hear those voices that I love to hear.
3. Did the speakers that can speak in Spanish do so, or did they have random interpreters.
- Everyone that spoke in the session I saw had a translator.  I think Elder Scott does his own translation though.
4. Is it difficult to concentrate when their lips move one way but the voice is another? 
- No, but sometimes the translator speaks really really fast when they fall behind a bit. Then its a bit tough for me to understand.
5. What percents of your work: Investigator / Less Active / Part Member? 
- Umm it tends to change week to week. but probably about 57, 24.3, pi^2, and the rest with active members. 

your comment about your projects cracked me up! haha good luck, go slay it!

Roy - I emailed you every week you fool!  haha.  Well maybe not every week...haha.  I would I wish the same thing that happened to Marc would happen here hah.  Good luck with your classes, as I always say, make momma proud!  See ya in 2! haha :) 

Andee - T-bird should speak in the next general conference haha. Who wouldn´t get baptized after hearing such wisdom haha.  Thanks for being a more faithful writer than your husband haha.  I´m a big fan of that quote from President Uchtdorf  (btw - its really funny when they try to pronounce his name here) Have a great week! Love you!

Mom - Wow, that thought from your friend really impacted me.  One thing I have learned here in the mission is what going to church does and does not mean.  Being active in the church is not enough, we must be active in the gospel.  And even those who are active in both still have problems.  I´ve come to realize that as a member of the church (not a missionary, just a member) I have the duty of strengthening every single person I come across, whether they be active, inactive, ignorant, or apostate.  President Monson said, "Brethren the world needs your help. There are feet to stabilize, hands to grasp, hearts to lift, minds to inspire, and souls to save." (Hopefully that was a fairly decent translation).  I know that true joy is found when we do just that! 

Now a few questions for you guys - I´ll leave it up to you to see who answers.

1 Who won the national championship in NCAA football and basketball?
2. Did Tyler Haws play this season?
3. Can you send me an email from Roy´s mission?
4. Why am I so good looking? haha 

Well have a wonderful week.  I love you all so much.  Thanks for taking the time to write me and read my emails.  I pray for you everyday and know that  I´m exactly where I´m supposed to be. 

Hasta la vista baby,

Elder Roth :)

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