Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 63 - All I Do Is Win, Win, Win, No Matter What!

Hey Fam,

What´s crackalacking?  (I taught my companion that phrase and it's super funny when he says it ha).' On that note there are a ton of other funny things my comp says in English:  ¨JUDAS¨ (whenever something bad happens), ¨are you ready to die, sinner?¨,  ¨Girl look at that body,¨  etc.  I´m glad to hear that we´ve all survived another week ha.  This week was pretty fantastic.  One of our investigators got married, so she´ll get baptized this weekend. We also were led to a cool new investigator named Francisco.  He went to church by himself and is really interested. So that's good. 

It's the end of the rainy season here in Tapa. So for the next six months my shoes will stay dry!  So stoked! ha.  It's still pretty hot, but it's really not that bad anymore.  I´ve already watched ¨Joy to the World¨ a couple times to get ready for Christmas time.  Unfortunately, that's the only Christmasy thing I have and I´m already getting bored of it.  ha. 

Thanks for the emails. 

Dad - We do indeed have daylight saving time here.  I hope you have fun in cali. 

1.  Thinking of time, how's the digital Timex running?
1. My watch is going strong. Part of the plastic on it has decroded (as Napoleon Dynamite would say) and every once in a while it cuts me.  But it's all good.

2.  You said your toilet is not working...define not working
2. I´ll try not to be too descriptive but when I say my toilet doesn´t work I mean that it doesn´t flush. You have to get creative to get it to flush. sometimes it overflows...that's not pleasant.  I´ll refrain from explaining more. 

3.  What scripture story spoke to you this week?
3. I had lots of scripture stories speak to me.  One was from David and Goliath.  I love when David says ´´who is this Philistine to defy the armies of the living God!´´  I was also reading the Book of Helaman, and you gotta love Nephi there. Baptizes a ton, they all go inactive, baptizes more, they go inactive, prays on a tower (not sure why) ticks everyone off, tells the future, despite being right people don´t repent, God tells him ´´good job sport´´, etc.  Its such a cool  story.  there are others...

4.  Tell me about your sleeping arrangements?
4. My sleeping arrangement is pretty standard.  I have a normal mattress and sleep without covers and with the fan blowing on me.

5.  Tell me something about Mexico that you did not expect.  
5. Something about Mexico that I didn´t expect...that's tough.  I remember telling you guys that being here is like being in scout camp  but I really don´t feel like that anymore.  There is no residual culture shock, everything is normal to me now.  But anyway...I didn´t expect so much wickedness.  If the Governor asked me to come up with a slogan for Tapachula it would be - ´´Tapachula - Sodom and Gomorrah got nothing on us!´´  haha.  But I love them anyway. I really do love them. 

Congrats to M Mort on the mission call.  One of my friends, John Mather (my second semester roommate in fact), is in that mission.  It will be awesome!

Mom - I´m glad you got through the week.  Sounds like you gave a pretty killer talk.  Trials are seldom pleasant but very necessary.  This week I read verse 5 of How Firm a Foundation, it's awesome. 

When through fiery trials thy pathway shall lie,
My grace, all sufficient, shall be thy supply.
The flame shall not hurt thee; I only design
Thy dross to consume, thy dross to consume,
Thy dross to consume and thy gold to refine.

All trials do is burn away the natural man in you, they won´t hurt the heavenly you.  I know what I want for Christmas!!  I want a Red Ryder... jokes.  I want a USB memory.  Please, pretty please!!  and letters from the ward ha!  I love you mom.  Enjoy your less stressful week!

Roy - Thanks for emailing me!  541 is real analysis right?  How do you feel about the math major?  Worth it?  I look forward to hearing your grad school news when it comes.  The Red Sox eh.  I think that's a sign that you belong in Boston ha.  Thanks for rubbing in the fact that I don´t have a Bishop.  haha. Be \mathbb{Q} and keep it \mathbb{N}.  (Translation per Roy: Be Rational and keep it Natural)

Might I recommend a Mormon Message for you all.  Its called Earthly Father, Heavenly Father.  It's so sick! 

Well I suppose that's all for today.  Love you all. 

Elder Roth

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