Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 64 - From Last Week


First of all thank you for your emails, prayers and support.  I truly love you all. 

This week was good... no; fantastic.  We had a conference with our mission president.  This time it wa just our zone, nobody else.  It was soo good!  I was feeling a bit down but President Cardenas really helped me out.  He knows what my companion and I are going though and he acknowledged our faithful service in an area that he knows is difficult.

Dad - Happy Birthday!  Sorry you didn´t get to go to California.  That's a major bummer.  I´m glad you enjoyed my letter.  I love you!  Thanks for the questions.  I don´t know what I would write if you didn´t guide me ha. 

1.  How do you think you are doing on your Mexican accent?
     -Its going well.  Foreigners almost never speak perfectly, but everyone understands me.  A lot of people comment that I speak very well.  I try to speak Spanish like President Utchdorf speaks English - with an accent, but with an awesome accent!

2.  How often do you see Americans?
    - Pretty often, since I´m downtown.  There are tourists here about once a week and there is an American that owns a book store a few blocks from me. We call him the white guy that only reads and eats, because we have never seen him doing anything else.  I honestly have no idea what he´s doing here.

3.  What is your favorite type of tortilla?  Are tortillas still a big part of your diet?
    - They are all the same really.  There is one place that makes one that tastes better but it's kinda far away and we never go.  They are still my staple.

4.  Of the 4 Gospels in the New Testament, which have you enjoyed the most recently?  Why?
     - Which of your children have you enjoyed the most recently?  haha.  It's an impossible question.  But John ought to be recognized as the most insightful on most matters of deep doctrine. Chapter 15 is my favorite.  I always remember something Elder Holland said: ´´Christ said without me ye can do nothing - I testify that that is God´s truth.´´ I love it. 

5.  Describe the cars that you see driven around your area?
     - There are a lot of VW bugs. 

 Lots of Nissan Tsuru´s (they are the taxis). 

Lots of Nissan Urvans (those are the combi´s).  

And lots of Nacho Libre style tricycles.

6.  You never commented on that parking job I sent the photo of, did you get it?
    - haha yeah.  Classic Roth.

7.  Do you ever drink sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade or that kind of stuff?
    - Almost never but they have them.  I´m addicted to milk though.  I used to buy 3 gallons of milk a week.  I´ve cut back on it a bit, but it's still my biggest expense.

8.  How often do you speak in Sacrament meeting?
     - Not that often.  I think I´ve done it 5 times on my mission.

9.  How often are you called upon to give lessons in Sunday meetings?
     - In this ward almost never.  In Tuxtla I taught every week.  In Vista Hermosa I taught about once every other week. 

10.  Of the people you meet and teach, are they long time Chiapias residents?  People have lived down there for a long time, so I am wondering.
      - Yeah, almost everyone here is from Chiapas.  It's rare to find someone from another state ha. 

11.  Look straight ahead of you, over the top of the computer monitor.  Describe what you see.
    - The wall.  haha.  It's painted red and yellow and the paint is peeling off the concrete.  And there is a sign that says ´´all types of pornography are prohibited.´´  So that's reassuring. 

12.  Is this too many questions for one letter?
    - No.  I like questions!

I love you dad!

Steph - haha, I was going to thow in an Elf reference last week but I couldn´t remember the quote.  But in short - yes, I struggle greatly with the temptation to say Fransico like Buddy.  Unfortunatly we don´t have bikes.  We just walk.  And combis.  Which is much more physically demanding than walking ha.  I´m glad to hear that Ty and Ry are starting their mission prep early.  There is no substitute!  Love ya Steph.  Say hi to Cody for me!

Mom - to answer your question of the day -  I have never knowingly eaten Monkey in the mission - that said, I almost certainly have done it.  I´ve definitely eaten meat unfit for human consumption ha.  I´m glad you're having fun in California.  Say hola to the Mexicans for me ha.  You do not know what a bad keyboard have no idea.  Have a great Friday!  Congratulations to Jake.  I love you Mom!

Carly - As I walked in to the cyber today I wondered if you were still reading my blog.  You are the best!  Also, I gotta tell you that you made me laugh out loud when you said that ´´I try´´ to make my misfortunes funny.  haha - I guess I´m not succeeding... :)  You are an awesome member missionary! Want to come to Tapachula?  We could use a family like you and Jared.  Plus they pay 30 dollars a day for the translators that help the tourists out.  haha. Who can deny an offer like that!?  I hope things go well with your neighbors! Hang in there till you get to join the best workforce!  ha.  Love you Carly! 

Roy - Things are going really well.  Stay strong this last month of the semester!  Enjoy BYU basketball for me.   LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT RIGHT, SIT DOWN!  Keep those derivatives strictly positive and increasing. 

Andee - I knew that sooner our later the delk would rub off on you.  I seem to recall warning you ha.  Doomsday Bunkers is the best, right!?  Did you see the one with the banister that doubles as a flamethrower?  That's the best one. (in case Mikele reads this, don´t use dryer 10. :))  I hope things go well with your digital mission.  You are a star!  ha.  Love you AD. 

Caleigh Oliver - Hola! Felicidades por su llamamiento. Mexico le encantará. Espero que le haya gustado mi blog. Sí , estoy en Chiapas ahorita. Termino en agosto 2014. Le darán su Visa en el MTC. Mexico es lo mejor! Usted será una de las primeras hermanas americanas que sirve en Mexico! Disfrute de su tiempo antes de empezar la mision y prepárese bien. La mision será la mejor experiencia de su vida! 

O dear family how I love you.  I love to read your emails.  They always pump me up for another week of the good life.  

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