Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 64 - Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

(It appears Clark hit the send button too early, since the letter just stops in the middle of answering Rick's questions, and the Oops that came as a follow up email....)


First of all thank you for your emails, prayers and support.  I truly love you all. 

This week was good... no, fantastic.  We had a conference with our mission president.  This time it was just our zone, nobody else.  It was soo good!  I was feeling a bit down but President Cardenas really helped me out.  He knows what my companion and I are going though and he acknowledged our faithful service in an area that he knows is difficult.

Dad - Happy Birthday!  Sorry you didn´t get to go to California.  That's a major bummer. I ´m glad you enjoyed my letter.  I love you!  Thanks for the questions.  I don´t know what I would write if you didn´t guide me ha. 

1.  How do you think you are doing on your Mexican accent?
     -It's going well.  Foreigners almost never speak perfectly, but everyone understands me.  A lot of people comment that I speak very well.  I try to speak Spanish like President Utchdorf speaks English - with an accent, but with an awesome accent!

2.  How often do you see Americans?
    - Pretty often, since I´m in downtown.  There are tourists here about once a week and there is an American that owns a book store a few blocks from me. We call him the white guy that only reads and eats, because we have never seen him doing anything else.

3.  What is your favorite type of tortilla?  Are tortillas still a big part of your diet?
    - They are all the same really.  There is one place that makes one that tastes better but its kinda far away and we never go.  They are still my staple.

4.  Of the 4 Gospels in the New Testament, which have you enjoyed the most recently?  Why?
5.  Describe the cars that you see driven around your area?
6.  You never commented on that parking job I sent the photo of, did you get it?
7.  Do you ever drink sports drinks like gatorade or powerade or that kind of stuff?
8.  How often do you speak in Sacrament meeting?
9.  How often are you called upon to give lessons in Sunday meetings?
10.  Of the people you meet and teach, are they long time Chiapias residents?  People have lived down there for a long time, so I am wondering.
11.  Look straight ahead of you, over the top of the computer monitor.  Describe what you see.
12.  Is this too many questions for one letter?


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