Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 88 - I'm Tired


I´m glad you enjoyed your week in Provo. This week in Ocozocoautla has been pretty good, well a bit tough, but good none the less. I really love you guys! Mother´s day is coming up - get excited. I´m looking forward to it. 

Dad - Bummer you didn´t see anyone throw up in the bushes haha. So funny. It's good to hear that my apartment is within running distance of campus - Roy and Andee are witnesses of just how often that is necessary for me. Good times. 

1.  Do you measure time in terms of transfers?  I have heard that about missionaries, but I do not know if it is true.
     - Yes. Our lives are pretty much based on transfers - how long we have been in an area, with a companion, etc. it's all measured in transfers.

2.  Are you getting into the hot season?  I know it is always hot, but is it definitely hotter now?
     - I´ve only left the hot season for about 15 days in my entire mission. The heat here is one of the biggest difficulties we face. It's not easy to leave the house in the morning when you face about about 11 hours of walking around under the burning sun, and soaking in sweat. I try to always have a good attitude about it, but to be honest it's a real difficulty we face.
3.  Tell us about an investigator that you are currently teaching.
     - I´m not sure if I´ve already told you about Roberto and Neisy. We found them by contacting in a park one day (park here means a concrete place with benches - nature doesn't exist). Roberto was baptized 20 years ago in Villaflores but has been inactive about 19 years. Neisy is his wife. Since we have been teaching them Roberto has stopped drinking and their family is much, much happier. They are progressing very well.

4.  Tell us about what you see around you as you are reading this.
    Lots of other people on computers, a gumball machine... that's about it. 

5.  What types of Ward activities does your Ward do?  Anything like the Bishop's BBQ?
    - haha we don´t really have any. It's a bummer but there really isn´t much I can do about it. 

6.  Tell us what you did on Sunday.
    - left at 8:30 to pick up our investigators, walked for an hour and a half without getting anyone to come with us, :( , went to church, played piano, taught Gospel Doctrine because our ward mission leader didn´t prepare anything, (can you tell iI´m a bit peeved. haha), then we went to Lucio Cabañas to eat, then to Banampak to teach - but no one was home, went back to Ocozolandia, taught some less actives, walked a lot, walked some more, went home, did our weekly report, ate corn flakes, went to bed. 

Have a great week Dad! I love you! 

Mom - Of course Provo is the happiest place on earth. I love that place. I don't remember saying that Satan isn´t welcome at BYU, but it's fairly true. It's a good place. I love you mom!

Thanks for the pictures. It's good to see that the USA is still beautiful - I worry about that sometimes. I like Mexico - but I am proud to be an American. We are so blessed. I´ve often thought about that - It's no ordinary blessing to be an American, it's no ordinary blessing to speak the language of the restoration, it's no ordinary blessing to be born into an LDS family, it's no ordinary blessing to study at BYU, it's no ordinary blessing to be part of a temple sealed family, it's no ordinary blessing to serve a full time mission. My life is so, so blessed. Because I have been given much I too must give. I have come to understand that during my mission. 

I love my mission more than I can explain. This is the truth. Obedience brings blessings. Do what is right. Mosiah 2:41 says it all: ´´the blessed and happy state of those who keep the commandments of God.´´ it's true. Look at my life - a truly blessed and happy life. I am so grateful for the Gospel.

Well I love you guys. Keep on trucking.

Elder Roth

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